Concours National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda 2022-2023 first year first cycle

Concours National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda 2022-2023 first year first cycle ENSPB

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Concours National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda 2022-2023 (ENSPB).
ORDER No. 2100257 /MINESUP/SG/DAUQ/SDEAC/SE of 29 June 2021.

Opening and fixing the number of places into the first year of the first cycle of the National Higher Polytechnic Institute (NAHPI) ENSPB – of the University of Bamenda for the 2021/2022 academic year. The competitive entrance examination will be written on the 10th of September 2021.

[Download the application form here]

Article 1:

A competitive entrance examination through the study of files is hereby launched into the first year of the first cycle for the award of the Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng) and subsequently the Professional Master of Engineering (M. Eng) of the National Higher Polytechnic institute of The University of Dementia for the 2021/2022 academic year in the following fields and program as shown in the table below.

Fields Program and Number of places

  1. Computer Engineering – Computer Engineering – 60 places.
  2. Electrical and Electronic – Electrical and Electronic Engineering – 50 places.
  3. Mechanical and Industrial – Mechanical and Industrial Engineering  – 50 places.
  4. Civil Engineering and Architecture – Civil Engineering  – 70 places.
  5. Petroleum Engineering – Petroleum Engineering – 35 places.
  6. Mining and Mineral Engineering – Mining and Mineral Engineering – 35 places.

Article 2:

The National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda. The competitive entrance examination is opened to Cameroonians of both sexes Applicants for admission must be holders of one of the following qualifications:

university of bamenda(uba) bambili bamenda

  • General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level in science subjects including English language and General Certificate of Education Advanced Level in science subjects.
  • General Certificate of Education Technical Ordinary and Advanced Levels in relevant subjects with a pass in English language.
  • Probatoire and Baccalauréat C, D, F2, F3, and MAW with a pass in English language at Baccalauréat and Probatoire.
  • Any other certificates recognized as equivalent by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Article 3: Candidates who are not Civil Servants should not be older than 29 years old 1st January 2022.

Article 4:

The application file shall comprise the following documents:

  • A registration form to be collected from the Registry at the Vice Chancellery in Bambili or from the University of Bamenda Website:
  • A certified true copy of birth cettificate dated not more than three (03) months.
  • Certified true copies of Transctipts of GCE O/L or Probatoire and GCE A/Lor Baccalaureat.
  • A certified true copy of GCE A/L or Baccalaure’at or equivalent diploma dated not more than three (03) months.
  • A certified true copy of GCE O/L or Probatoire or equivalent diploma date not more than three (03) months.
  • Civil Servant must include an authorization from their ministry of origin.
  • A receipt upon payment of twenty thousand (20.000) FCFA as nonrefundable registration fees delivered by UBA using the following bank code 10033, branch code 05204, and account number 0400400009038. No other form of payment is accepted.
  • One self addressed large envelope bearing a 500 francs CFA stamp.
  • Four passport-size photographs.
  • A medical certificate issued by a State Medical Practitioner.

Article 5: Complete application files shall be submitted at the Registry of the Vice Chancellery in Bambili or in the regional MINESEC delegations before August 31, 2021. Late or incomplete application files shall be rejected.

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Article 7:

Candidates for the entrance examination into the first year must not be above 25 years by the 1st of January 2021.

Article 8:

The examination will take place on the 10th of September 2021 in the following Centres only: Bafoussam, Bambili, Buea, Douala and Yaoundé.

Article 9: Registered candidates who are awaiting the results of certificate examinations prescribed in Article 2 shall be admitted, if successful in the competitive entrance examination, only on presentation of the certified true copy of the result slip of their GCE A/L results or the transcript of Baccalauréat obtained in 2021 on the day of the written examination at the latest.

Article 10: The assessment of the competitive entrance examination shall be as follows

  • Paper 1: 30/100
  • Paper 2: 30/100
  • Paper 3: 10/100
  • Study of files: 30/100.

Article 11:

The study of files will take into consideration the following:

  1. Age of the candidate
  2. Duration of Secondary School Studies.
  3. The grades obtained in GCE O/L and GCE A/L or the averages obtained in Probatoire and Baccalauréat.
  4. The specialty subject passed at GCE A/L or Baccalaureat.

Article 7:

(1) The syllabus is that of GCE-AL Lower and Upper Sixth science subjects for candidates of the Anglophone sub-system or Première and Terminale scientific and technical series mentioned “above for candidates of the Francophone sub-system. Candidates for the Department of Mining and Mineral Engineering will write but O/L Mathematics.

(2) There will be no oral examination.

Article 8: Successful candidates shall report to the National Higher Polytechnic Institute for registration formalities Within fifteen (15) days following the date of publication of the final results. Candidates, who fail to comply with this requirement, as need arise, shall be replaced by those on the waiting list following the order of merit, through a press release published by the Minister of Higher Education.

Article 9: The Vice Chancellor of The University of Bamenda, the Director of the National Higher Polytechnic Institute, the Director of University Accreditations and Quality of the Ministry of Higher Education each in his/her own sphere, are responsible for the implementation of this Order which shall be registered and published in English and French wherever necessary.

Concours National Higher Polytechnic Institute University of Bamenda 2022-2023 first year first cycle.

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