ENAM Cameroon 2022 Syllabus Cycle A Program of the Administrative Division of ENAM MINFOPRA Recruitment


ENAM Cameroon 2022 Syllabus Cycle A of the Administrative Division of ENAM MINFOPRA Recruitment

ENAM Cameroon 2022 Syllabus Cycle A Program of the Administrative Division of ENAM MINFOPRA Recruitment. Kamerpower.com


  • Literature, Philosophy. Modern History
  • Developments in Science and Technology
  • Civilization
  • Arts And Culture
  • Minorities
  • Gender and development
  • Regional integration.

1- Microeconomics

a) Principles of Microeconomics

  • Market research (Demand and Supply).
  • Consumer behaviour.
  • The producer and production theory
  • Short and long-term cost
  • Production function.
  • The theory of prices in perfect competition : short and long term equilibrium.
  • Price theory in perfect monopoly : short and long term equilibrium.
  • Monopolistic competition.
  • Oligopoly.

b) Applied Microeconomics

  • Industrial and business firms in Cameroon : specific problems of management.
  • Taxes and effects in perfect competition; short and long term Effects. Effects in monopoly.
  • Problems raised by price control and quantity control in competition and in monopoly.
  • Sector-based policies.


a) Income, Savings Consumption

Determination of national income

  • National income function
  • Investment function
  • Income-expenditure model
  • The multiplier : principles and constraints.

Fluctuation in income

  • The acceleration;
  • The oscilliation.

b) Equilibrium models and Macro Economic Disequilibrium

ISLM model

  • Principles and functioning
  • Implications

Relationship between inflation and unemployment

  • Philip’s curve
  • Issues faced by the Keynessian and Neoclassical theories.

Equilibrium with rationing

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  • Keynesian unemployment
  • Classical unemployment
  • The scope of models.

Revival of neoclassical analysis through the introduction of anticipation

  • Formation of anticipations;
  • Conclusions of the analysis.

c) Structural Adjustment Programme

  • Theoretical basis
  • The search for external and internal equilibrium
  • Economic revival.

3- Monetary Economic

a) Money and monetary supply

  • Definition, Functions and properties of money ;
  • Monetary aggregates
  • Monetary supply composition and counterparts;

b) Money supply and demand

  • Determinants of money supply;
  • Determinants of money demand;

c) Financial institutions

  • The Central Bank
  • Commercial Banks
  • Other institutions
  • The Treasury.

d) The Money Market and Financial Market

  • Actors and mechanisms ;
  • The interbank markets and the open markets
  • The role of the Central Bank
  • Actors and the organization of the financial market
  • The stock exchange
  • New financial instruments;

e) Monetary Policy

  • Objectives and instruments of monetary policies
  • The discount rate policy
  • The Open market policy
  • Obligation reserve policies
  • Selectivity and credit control
  • Limits of the monetary policy in the franc zone
  • Developments in international finance
  • Developing countries debt.

f) Population and development

  • Population growth in developing countries
  • Optimal population growth
  • Education, health and development
  • Democracy and development.

g) International Economics

  • Theories of lnternntienal Trade ;
  • Labour productivity and comparative advantages :Rieardian Model;
  • Resource and exchange :Hcekscher -Ohlin model
  • Standard model of exchange
  • Economics. imperfect competition and international Trade ;
  • international financial policy;
  • Protectionism;
  • free trade ;
  • Trade policy in developing countries ;
  • world trade and globalization of trade
  • Economic integration
  • Exchange policy
  • National Accounting balance of payment
  • Exchange rate and exchange determination
  • International Monetary system
  • Monetary zone.


1- Constitutional Law and Political Institutions

a)The State : definition, components
b) The Nation : definition, components
e) The Constitution

  • The preamble, content, its legal value
  • The Constitution drafting process
  • Competent authority
  • The Constitutional adoption process
  • The Constitutional revision process.

d)-The citizen (status, involvement)

e)-The electoral system

  • The majority system
  • The proportional system
  • Cameroon’s electoral system (applied to presidential and legislative elections).

f) Political parties

  • Origin
  • Different systems (single party system. two-party system, multi-party system)
  • Types. (party of the masses, party of the elite)
  • Role
  • Foundation.

g) – Political power

  • Legality, legitimacy;
  • Role

h )Political systems

  • United States of America
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Cameroon.

2- Administrative Law and Administrative Institutions

a) Administrative law

  • Definition
  • Theories
  • Basis
  • Administrative instruments (unilateral contract)
  • Principle of legality (meaning, content, sanction).

b) State Administration

  • Central administration (Presidency of the Republic,Prime Minister’s Office, Ministerial Departments)

1 General Accounts
a. Generalities

  • Notions of enterprise and property
  • Generalities on OHADA accounting system
  • Major principles of accounts

b. Accounting analysis of transactions

  • Notions of enterprise and property
  • Notion of flux
  • Investment cycle
  • Exploitation cycle
  • Financing cycle
  • Cash flow cycle

c- The Accounts of industrial corporation
d- Labour costs
e- Management accounting

  • Ordinaiy activities and non ordinary activities
  • Revenue and expenditure accounts
  • Significant balance

f- Accounting Treatment for specific Operations

  • Transactions in foreign currency
  • Off balance sheet commitments
  • Revaluation of the balance sheet

g- Works. performed at the end of the fiscal year

  • Amortisation and provisions
  • Release of assets
  • Adjustment of expenditure and revenues
  • Preparation of financial statement

h- Cost Accounting

  • Generalities of the notion of charges and cost
  • Withdrawal of charges
  • Full cost accounting methods
  • Predetermined costs methods

i- Financial analysis

  • Functional assessment and financial balance
  • Analysis of the financial stability
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Margin analysis


An interview with a jury aimed at detecting the personality of the candidate and his/her predisposition to serve the State and the citizen.


An interview with a jury, in French for English speaking candidates and in English for French speaking candidates.

ENAM Cameroon past questions

(14 April 2015 )

ENAM Cameroon 2022 Syllabus Cycle A of the Administrative Division recruitment MINFOPRA Cameroun 14 April 2021

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