Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023 & 2024

Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023 & 2024.

Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023 & 2024. Oracle Certifications are among the most sought after badges of credibility for expertise in the Information Technology marketplace to boost your career. An Oracle Certification demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of your job role and of MySQL products.

SQL is the most popular language for interacting with the database. Learning SQL will help you in many ways throughout your career. Some certifications give you a proper method to learn and later award you with the certificate while others test your knowledge and award you for excellence.

Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023-2024 to Boost Your Career

Microsoft SQL certifications are professional credentials that validate your skills and ability to use SQL Server. SQL Server is a popular Microsoft-owned relational database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications across a network of computers.

List of SQL certifications that validate your skills for the professional credential.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals.
  • SQL for Data Analysis – Udemy.
  • Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification – Oracle.
  • PL/SQL Language Reference – Oracle
  • SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization
  • MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence – Udemy.
  • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA): Database Fundamentals SQL Certification.
  • The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp.
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL 2016 Database Development Certification.
  • Structure Query Language Intro by University of Michigan.

Part of what has contributed to the success of the advancement of Information Technology is data. Several tools have been developed over the years to aid in utilizing data as a resource and SQL Server is one of those.

Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023 & 2024 to Boost Your Career

What SQL certification is best?

Best SQL Certifications are SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, Learn SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization, Database Foundation (1Z0-006), Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization, Learning SQL Programming, Modern Big data analysis with SQL specialization, Analyze Data with SQL.

How do I get certified in SQL?

There isn’t one standard SQL certification or certifying body. Getting certified in SQL often means taking a course and passing an exam from a database vendor or other provider. The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera also covers SQL

Which SQL certification is best for a data analyst/scientist?

Beginners level certification. As a data analyst/scientist, you simply need basic knowledge of SQL servers to assist in your work operations.

Is SQL Server worth learning in 2023?

SQL will remain around for many years to come as the standard language used across many different job families.

Can you get a job just knowing SQL?

QL is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and if you learn SQL, you open up some clear paths to finding new work and employment opportunities. … The trend is clear: whether you’re a product manager, a business analyst, an MBA, or a developer.

Best SQL Certification 2023

SQL certification will give you an edge over other candidates who have the same skills and experience as yours. There are several institutions that offer Microsoft SQL Server certification.

1. SQL for Data Analysis – Udemy

The SQL for Data Analysis course is a specialization program for potential data analysts and data science experts. Another Udemy course, SQL for Data Analysis is a weekender crash course that’s designed as both a refresher for programmers and a foundation course for students and professionals looking to build data analysis skills within the SQL ecosystem. You’ll learn how to make data-driven decisions, measure marketing efforts, observe real-world insights, analyze user behavior, as well as discover marketing statistics.

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2. SQL – MySQL for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Through this Udemy course, you can become an SQL expert for data and business analytics. The course covers MySQL in-depth and starts from basics then moves to advanced SQL topics. It also has a lot of exercises to perfect your knowledge.


  • Introduction to databases, SQL, and MySQL.
  • SQL theory: SQL as a declarative language, DDL, keywords, DML, DCL, TCL.
  • Basic terminologies: Relational database, primary key, foreign key, unique key, null values.
  • Installing MySQL: client-server model, setting up a connection, MySQL interface.
  • First steps in SQL: SQL files, creating a database, introduction to data types, fixed and floating data types, table creating, using the
  • database, and tables.
  • MySQL constraints: Primary key constraints, Foreign key constraints, Unique key constraint, NOT NULL
  • SQL Best practices.
  • SQL Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Aggregate functions, joins, subqueries, views, Stored routines.
  • Advanced SQL Topics: Types of MySQL variables, session, and global variables, triggers, user-defined system variables, the CASE statement.
  • Combining SQL and Tableau.

3. SQL Basics for Data Science Specialization

The first course of the specialization is a basic course that will enable you with all the SQL knowledge you will need for the rest of the courses. There are four courses: SQL for Data Science, Data Wrangling, Analysis, and AB Testing with SQL, Distributed Computing with Spark SQL, and SQL for Data Science Capstone Project.

4. The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp course helps you to learn SQL. It introduces you to a solid foundation in databases in an informative and engaging way. This best online SQL course is full of exercises, challenges, projects, and opportunities to practice what you are learning. You can apply what you are learning to real-world challenges like finding a website’s power users, calculating your top students, identifying bots on a site. This SQL course is ideal for the learner who wants to find the answer to complex business queries.

5. Excel to MySQL: Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

This is a Specialization from Coursera that aims to touch upon SQL from a business point of view. If you aim to get into data science or related fields, this will be a good course. Along with SQL, you will also gain skills like Microsoft Excel, Business Analytics, data science tools, and algorithms and more about business processes. There are five courses in this specialization:

  • Data Visualization and Communication with Tableau.
  • Managing Big Data with MySQL.
  • Increasing Real Estate Management Profits: Harnessing Data Analytics.
  • Business Metrics for Data-Driven Companies.
  • Mastering Data Analysis in Excel.

6. Learning SQL Programming

This LinkedIn course is for beginners and covers all the important aspects of SQL. The course also includes many exercise files for practice. Since it is a popular course, common doubts and problems are addressed by the wide and active forum. After completion, you will also be able to understand how to do performance tuning and the best approaches for database querying, along with all the core concepts like joins, aggregates, select, and so on.


  • Data types, Maths, and helpful functions: Compound select, transform data, using aliases to shorten field names.
  • Add or modify data.
  • Overcoming common SQL mistakes.
  • Select data from the database.
  • Understanding JOIN types.

7. Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): SQL 2016 Database Development Certification

Foundational IT skills are a must-have for pursuing the MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Development certification. Passing this SQL Server certification exam makes you eligible for serving as a mid-level position in database development. There are two courses that are Querying Data with Transact-SQL and Developing SQL Databases with several modules in each course.

8. Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification – Oracle

The Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate Certification demonstrates your knowledge of basic SQL concepts, especially using it to work with the Oracle Database server. The certification will prove your competency in the SQL language, data modeling, and using tables, among other tasks. It requires passing one certification exam.

What SQL Certification Is Best?

1. Entry Level

This first level of SQL Server certification is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) credential that can be used to validate your entry-level skills in Database, Developer, and IT infrastructure. It can be used to verify your skills as a web developer in website design such as graphics and image layout.

2. Associate Level

The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) is the second level of SQL certification which can be used to demonstrate skills in Database Development, Database Administration, or Business Intelligence Development. As a database administrator, you are able to optimize the performance of company databases and protect them against any security threats.

This certification is the highest level of SQL certification. It is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) credential within which you can demonstrate your expertise in Database Management and Analytics, Data Platforms, and Business Intelligence.

Guide On How To Get Microsoft SQL Server Certifications Online

Looking to earn a Microsoft SQL certificate to boost your resume;

  • Enrol in an accredited learning institution that offers Microsoft SQL Server certification, matches your preferences, needs and financial capacity. Although, some institutions offer free certification for certain courses.
  • Register for the Microsoft SQL Server certification course you intend to pursue after carefully considering the requirements and level of certifications.
  • Complete the training course modules to a satisfactory level.
  • After passing the SQL certification exam, you will be awarded the Microsoft SQL certificate which is shareable.


Top 7 Best Microsoft SQL Certifications 2023 & 2024

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