Arrêté Concours FMSB de Garoua 2020-2021: 85 étudiants Examen National d’Aptitude à la Formation Médicale au Cameroun


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6 réponses

  1. GUIBAISSI dit :

    je veux m’inscrire en ligne à la FMSB de GAROUA

  2. leale Charlène dit :

    Please i have a question for those who write the Gce O level two Times can they write the concours

  3. leale fogang Charlène dit :

    Please for does who write the Gce O level two Times can they write the concours

    • Kamdom dit :

      Hello dear. Did u have an answer To your question? bcs i also wish to write the concours But i don’t know if it is possible. Thé first year i wrote the GCE olevel, i passed with only Biology and physics as science subjects. then i wrote back CHEMISTRY and maths the next hear and i succeeded. Pls is it possible to combine the 2 certificats? I need and answer from u please .

    • Dear pls did u have and answer To your question? If yes tell me

  4. Halallah ganga dit :

    Est ce qu’on peut entrer par étude de dosier

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