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ENSET Douala Concours 2019-2020 Entrance 1st, 2nd, 3rd Year

ENSET Douala Concours 2019-2020. 

ARTICLE 4: Candidates preparing for the certificates cited at A, B. C and D above are authorised to take the examinations. subject to obtaining the certificates required. Nevertheless. their final admission into ENSET will be confirmed only upon the presentation of the original of the certificate obtained no later than 04 October 2019.


Applications for the competitive entrance examinations which must be received at ENSET not later than the Saturday, 22nd September 2019 must include the following documents:

    • Completed application form (the form which is available at ENSET, the Rectorate of the University of Douala. the Regional Delegations of the Ministry of Secondary Education. Government Technical High Schools of Cameroon and the web site of MINESUP  minesup.gov.cm or kamerpower.com
    • Transcripts of Lower and Upper Sixth forms. signed, dated and annotated by the Principal of the School where the original were issued.
    • A certified true and legible photocopy of the birth certificate of less than three (3) months old.
  • A certified true and legible photocopy of each of the required certificates.Candidates who are holders of Baccalaureate or GCE AL shall add a certified true copy of Probatoire or Ordinary Level.

As concerns the following certificates: HND delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education. BT. DUT. Bachelor Degree. or equivalent recognised by the Ministry of Higher education, add the transcripts obtained from the Students‘ Affairs Office of the University Institution concerned should be added including certified true and legible photocopies of the Baccalaureate and Probatoire or the GCE AL and the GCE OL. kamerpower.com

    • A medical certificate of less than three (3) months old. delivered by a medical Doctor of the Public Service. attesting the candidate’s fitness to be a teacher according to the rules and regulations in force.
    • A certificate of non-conviction of less than three (3) months old.
    • Four(4 ) passport size pictures of the candidate. kamerpower.com
    • A receipt upon payment of the sum of twenty-one thousands (21,000) FCFA as registration fees. The registration fees are paid into the ENSET bank account n° 51009200001-52 domiciliated at BICEC. The fees can be paid into the same account number in all BICEC branches nationwide.
    • A stamped. self-addressed envelope size 28 x 37.
    • An unstamped envelope without address size 28 x 37.
  • A document showing that the equivalence has been formally granted for any foreign certificate contained in the candidate’s tile.


LIRE:  National qualifying medical training Exam Cameroon 2019-2020: Entrance Examination
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