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Competitive Entrance Examinations launched in Cameroon 2023 / 2024

You can find the latest Cameroonian Concours Competitive Entrance Examinations (national and international) launched.

Here is the List of Several Competitive Entrance Examinations already launched in Cameroon currently in  2023 and Calendar for Competitive Entrance Examinations in Cameroon 2023-2024 Minesup Concours.

You will find the past exam questions and answers to the best schools of Cameroon such as: ENSET, EAMAU, IFORD, ENS, ESSEC, IUT, FGI, FASA, FMSB, ESSTIC, ENSP, ENSP, ENAM, ENIEG, IRIC, FASA, etc. made available to you by Masters and doctorate students, together with teachers at universities in Cameroon.

You can access the Competitive Entrance Examinations by clicking on one of the preferred institutions below:

Concours by Ministry

Each university has post-secondary university training and research institutions. State universities follow the following guiding principles:

  • equal access for all Cameroonians.
  • autonomy.
  • the training and development of executives.
  • scientific and technical research.
  • support for development activities.
  • social promotion.
  • the participation of teachers, students and non-teaching staff in categorical decisions affecting them.
  • complementarity and multidisciplinary.
  • openness to the national and regional environment and to international cooperation.
  • the promotion of science, culture and national consciousness.

Liste des concours déjà lancés – Concours Lancés au Cameroun en 2023 : 2024

Other establishments

By competition category, you will find all the information you need to prepare your registration for your Entrance Examinations with confidence: the subjects, the entrance conditions.

List of Entrance Examinations launched in Cameroon 2023