Special concours recruitement 500 Grade One Teachers Nursery & Primary 2016-2017 MINFOPRA

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  • 5 Responses

    1. pastor mbang emmanuel tasah says:

      what of those who have served for 10 years and are supposed to be directly absorbed?

    2. Nforlum says:

      Thanks sir for the recruitment exercise but why is the recruitment neglecting inclusive education practitioner teachers to blind,deaf students etc . When even social affairs ministry needs them to post in the field and schools marked to be inclusive school. Also are there chances for disable persons to apply

    3. enah johnscott says:

      Good morning, please i wish to find out if the list for the 500 grade one teachers of the concour thats due to take place on the 28th of december 2016 is available on the website

    4. simeon nuah says:

      The registration is not posted at the website of this ministry.

    5. simeon nuah says:

      The recruitment form have not been posted at website of this ministry. Only the list of the documents and time table

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