Recruitment of 425 High School Teachers 2016-2017 MINESEC Cameroon professional concours.

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5 Responses

  1. ETA AGBOR says:


  2. abongnwi genuine says:

    where are candidate who are eligible for this jobs trained? in some private institution or from the universities. who exactly is eligible for this job. depes 1 holders? who?

  3. abongnwi genuine says:

    i don’t understand . is this job for civil servant? or from where must have candidates obtain training to be eligible for this job

  4. Vutsileh Eric Ntumse says:

    Great job kamerpower keep up with the good work .keep keeping us informed. please i wish to know the qualifications to be a high school teacher because i’m HND holder in Business Management i hope i’m not late please for more details.

  5. Dam says:

    Great job kamerpower. Keep up the good work of keeping us informed. Please I had problems locating the syllabuses for the Pleg exams for secondary school teachers. Can someone help me out with the mathematics syllabus?

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