Concours ENAM Entrance 2022-2023: cycle B Cameroon» Administrative Division recruitment 40 students


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23 Responses

  1. Sema says:

    Please are the oral results out for general administration category B 2020-2021?

  2. Tia Gilian says:

    I need the application form and the requirements

  3. Mewali Sebastien says:

    I want to know the date for the up coming ENAM concourse, thanks!

  4. Tah sheba anwi says:

    Pls I wish to know what courses to be studied before sitting for the exams

    • Nchanji Job says:

      It’s a great thing to promote the public service of our country

  5. Nkari Doudou Rial says:

    Pls what is the fee of Enam and how does it take to finished the programme of cycle B”

  6. Langsi agnes says:

    How can I do my registration into enam

  7. nziki stanley says:

    Please when will the result of General administration into ENAM 2018 be read?

  8. Safeh basil says:

    please i wish to know the requirements into ENAM first cycle

    • ENOWMBANG Jacqueline eta says:

      I need to know the requirements too

  9. nadesh says:

    i cant find the registration form can you please help me

  10. Kotong orsino says:

    I want to know day-line for registration and writen part of it

  11. The next level blessings!!!
    The battles that you are left to fight alone are the ones whose victory take you to your next level.
    These battles are always fierce ones depending on the next level you are ascending.
    Just like in the circular world, each time you are to be promoted to the the next level,or class you are compelled to write exams whose outcome determines your next level.
    Nobody writes these exams for you but you write them for yourself.

  12. What is certificate use to register this exam

  13. makia luciana says:

    please i will like to know the certificates needed to apply for cycle b magistracy and the dead line thanks awaiting your reply

  14. ngong nicoline says:

    good afternoon. pls i can not find the registration form online .



  16. jaminatu says:

    Thanks for the information. I will like to know what candidates are required to study before sitting for this exam. it appears the date has been moved from 4th June to 21 June.

  17. Fru Elvera Chi says:

    I need the application form for cycle B of ENAM, for my registration.

    • Kamerpower says:

      Hello Elvira! The registration process is done online and the form appears only when you have finished filling the application form online.

      • evelimba says:

        Hi am eveline can I no the cycle for social workers and the requirements needed thanks

      • Ejedepang Maureen says:

        Please how do I get to fill the application form online??

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