ISSEA of Yaoundé 2016: Entrance examination into ISE cycles and IAS écoles de formation d’Ingénieurs Statisticiens Economistes (ISE) and Ingénieurs des Travaux Statistiques (ITS) that are ISSEA of Yaoundé, ENSEA of Abidjan and ENEA of Dakar

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  1. Helman wausai anyimba says:

    I am an anglophone with a GCE A levels certifiCate. I don’t know if I can write this exam in English. For I fill more stable in english. If it is possible please let me know as soon as possible. For a violent preparation.

  2. welenge Kelly says:

    Good day, please I wish to find out if this exam is written only in French. Can I write the exam in English, given that I am an anglophone. Hope to receive a quick reply from you

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