ENSP Concours 2022-2023: year 1 national advanced school of engineering


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  1. Gerald says:

    what about math. i have math but i don’t have further math.

  2. Cyrille kevin says:

    Is further maths a must?

  3. Nfon Andrew says:

    Please i need help how do i get into
    I just wrote the advanved level

  4. Ndjockjunior says:

    please i will like to know where i can get preparatory classes for Polythecnic here in buea…! Urgent!

  5. Tanyu Gracious says:

    hey ntong kenedi nji.
    keep it up. i like your determination.
    highly supporting you.

  6. Charles Yuh Njua says:

    when i was growing up, my plan was to become a mechanical engineer. I thought of a place where i can have a firm foundation for my field and i saw that, doing motor mechanics will be the base i can ever have. now, i am regretting because despite the foundation, our syllabus in physics and mathematics turn to be insufficient for the entrance exam. i wrote this year 2016/2017 and for to pass is like a great miracle.

  7. i like this


    I love to study engineering, my dream is to become an electrical engineer. I studied electrical technology through out secondary school from form one up to uppersixth then i had baccalaureate F in 2013-2014 accademic year. Since then i have been trying to gain admission into the NATIONAL ADVANCE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING OF THE UNIVERSITY OF YAOUNDE 1(NASE), but it has not been possible because i can not succeed in the entrance exam, which is why i am writting this petition. I have written this concour twice 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 accademic years but did not succeed, this is not because i can’t succeed.

    When this concour is lunched like now it is noted that is open for holders of the BACCALAUREATE C,D,E and F and GCE A/L and also that the entrance is based on the BACC. C and GCE A/L syllabus. The BACC. F and BT is not included, this is why i and many other students who leave high school from the technical system of education find it so difficult to succeed in this competitive entrance exam, infact from my research, no student with BACCALAUREATE F or BT has entered the first cycle of polytechnique yaounde for the past seven years of which over a hundred write every year. Some technical school student get afraid to write this entrance exam because they know that they will never succeed.
    Based on my research, Polytechnique Yaounde is regarded as one of the best amongs the few engineering institutions we have here in Cameroon and not just that but the government has made the fees moderate for every Cameroonian. I as a student that have studied electrical technology for approximately seven accademic years, if i can make my way into Polytechnique Yaounde to study engineering, as far as electrical engineering is concern in this nation i will be amongs the best in my generaton.
    This is not only about me but it also applies to other students who live high school from the technical sector and intend to study engineering they also find it so difficult to pass this entrance exam, infact some say it is imposoble for a student coming from a technical school to pass polytechnique yaounde.

    I remember when i had Baccalaureate in 2014, i was preparing to seat for the entrance exam, when i went to my school to make my transcript on the 23rd of june 2014 so i could use it to apply. I meet the vice principal of my school and he asked me why i needed a transcript that early, i told him that i want to seat for polytechnique entrance exam, he laughed and told me not to waist my time and my fathers money for polytechnique that i will not make it and that he knows many hard working students who passed BaccalaureateF and BT with good grades but never succeeded the polytechnique entrance. So that was how he refused to make me a transcript and i went and wrote polytechnique without a transcript.
    Thou they are groups of engineering students who prepare interested candidates for this competitive entrance exam, it is not enough for the holders of Baccalaureate F and BT like myself, because they can not teach us the required syllabus in the little time. What they do is revision on GCE and Baccalaureate general syllabus.

    However i am not insinuating that the nature of the entrance exam should be changed simply because of us no!!! But i think the authorities incharge of this entrance exam should copy what is done in the case of the FACULTY OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING OF THE UNIVERSITY OF DOUALA(FGI). What they do is, the entrance exam into FGI of Douala is structured in two types, which is they set the questions based on the syllabus for both Baccalaureate general, GCE and Baccalaureate technique. This gives all the candidates equal opportunities to succeed, so i deeply believe that if something like this is applied to the case of the entrance exam into the prestigious institution of polytechnique Yaounde it will also mean alot.
    Because just as in the general sector of education, they are also hard working and intelligent students who leave from technical high schools and intend to study engineering in all the specialties.

    I know that it is also posible for some one to enter into polytchnique Yaounde through the third level(2nd cycle) which in this case i can say that both students from the general sector and technical sector have equal chances of succeeding.
    But i think this equal chances should also be there for students from both systems of education who intend to enter through level one(1st cycle).
    For me, i think that the probability of graduating from polytechnique and being a good engineer for those that entered through level one(1st cycle) is greater than the probability of graduating from polytechnique and being a good engineer for those that entered through level three(3rd cycle). This is because from my little knowledge about how polytechnique Yaounde trains an egineer, the first two years(1st cycle), is used to give the student a firm foundation of engineering science also for the students to become polyvalent, this is what i dont think any other institution have here in Cameroon.
    So i rather enter polytechmique through the 1st cycle.

    I know one will wonder why i keep on seatting for this entrance, well its simply because is the best place i can study electrical engineering and i am believing the allmigthy God for success this time around.
    May God allmigthy bless the authorities of this entrance exam and cause them to take my proportion seriouse….

  9. i like this information.

    • chia remigius says:

      U are very right Kennedy.the entrance examination dis favour us from the F series to the least chance. i wish this entrance syllabus should be change to give equal opportunities to both the general education an technical educational systems.thanks. (National Polytechnic Bamenda)

      • kang Sylvanus says:

        Trust in God and work harder
        Your success is at the door

      • Valentina says:

        I am interested in specializing in biomedical engineering. After gaining admission into NASE how can I fulfill my interests.

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