Concours ENAM Court Registrars 2017: cycle B Cameroun Judicial Division recruitment 20 Court Registrars

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  • 8 Responses

    1. Mbuh Isabella says:

      Hello, please i wish to know the date that they will be writting Court Registrar Cycle B

    2. I'm awaiting a Bachelor of Inspector of Posts and Telecommunications in a few months time. Can I go in for the cycle A with a certificate of awaiting results?

    3. May 25th is the latest date for files to come in

    4. hello i wish to know when the registration for 2016 enam ends

    5. NGWA SILVANUS FRU says:

      please i also wish to know the latest dates for this concours ENAM 2016 cycle B registration.

    6. NGWA SILVANUS FRU says:

      please i wish to verify if the registration into Enam 2016 is out

    7. Etienne says:

      Where and when is the court administration concour taking place in the south west region ?

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