ENAM Anglophone Entrance Cameroon 2017-2018: 50 Pupil Magistrates NSAM

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8 Responses

  1. Titashipu mildred says:

    What are the different categorise

  2. Titashipu mildred says:

    Pls is the enam concour only for law students and what are the requirement

  3. NDELLE T. GUSTAV says:

    Good morning
    Pls is it possible to apply with a B. A. degree in HISTORY or is it only for Law students?
    Also what are the requirements?

  4. Cho Damarise says:

    good morning
    is the enam concours only for law students or students of other fields of studies

  5. marie Lala says:

    Thank u so much for the great info u bring to us. Pls is there online registration for the ENAM Anglophone special?

  6. Awah Dieudonne m. says:

    plss can one use a Degree of science or engineering to go in for this exams

  7. baiye susan says:

    please what are the requirements into this public exams

  8. Wirlen Deloris says:

    It really help me. thanks a lot.

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