Concours MINFOPRA recrutement 2020-2021 Cameroon fonction publique Cameroun


Emploi au Cameroun 2020, concours, Universités, Resultats, Jobs, Stages, Conseils etc, The best Informative website in Cameroon. Le meilleur site informatif au Cameroun.

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  1. Kapsu Siewe Etienne says:

    Please alert me on the following number if the concour is launche 657994223 676429455

  2. Mann Buuda says:

    I thought Cameroon was bilingual,even till date with bilingual commission it is still a case to translate informations on website into English.hmmmm I feel so ashame of dis country

  3. Nkemnkeng Bertrand says:

    What of price control?

  4. eric che says:

    I thought the site will present us with requirements and closing dates of registration. why not even writing dates.

  5. Ebong kingsley says:

    What’s the essence of the bilingualism commission if till date documents are not being translated into English. Its a shame

  6. meh wung says:

    Please what about ENSET Kumba?

  7. Michael Kuma says:

    what of price control concour of 2018/2019? please I wish to find out about that. tanks for dat

  8. santanna miles says:

    We suppose to be bailingual not only french all times

  9. W.Armstrong says:

    Please write in English also

  10. Black Bullet says:

    Please! Try to write in English too.

  11. Gaga says:

    je trouve pas la fiche de candidature à timbrer svp….

  12. ou telecharger la fiche de condition et d'annonce pour concourir

  13. L'intégralité des concours du minfopra en francais et en anglais http://www. camexamen .com/camexamen/concours/avis-de-concours-directs-acces-a-fonction-publique-annee-2016/

  14. Ndzelen Ancela says:

    Date of composition of ENAM cycle B 2016/2017

  15. Solace-noelle says:

    why are they all in French

  16. Solace-noelle says:

    why are all in French

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