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ASTI’s training programmes in translation and interpretation currently centre around three basic language combinations: English-French, French-English, and French-English-Spanish. However, with the help of recently-recruited experts, there is the possibility to introduce German and Arabic in the short or medium term. Other very important languages like Japanese and Chinese are also being considered for introduction as soon as requisite human resources and infrastructure become available.

Training is strictly professional. Focus is on actual translation and interpretation practice throughout the learning process. Trainees are given the opportunity, through industrial placement or internship, to experience real-life activity in well-established professional in-house (in both public and private sectors) or freelance translation and interpretation services in Cameroon or abroad, under the supervision of recognised professional translators and interpreters.

In this regard, ASTI has established partnership with most government ministries and institutions in Cameroon, including the Presidency of the Republic, the National Assembly and the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as with some international organisations and private translation firms within the country and abroad.

Training programmes include degree courses and special courses. Two degree programmes are currently offered:

  • a Master of Arts in Translation, ASTI University of Buea
  • a Master of Arts in Interpretation.


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