Université de Dschang - University of Dschang Admission Ranking

Biomedical Sciences program Entrance 2019-2020: Dschang University Level 1 Training Professional Program

Biomedical Sciences program Entrance 2019-2020: University of Dschang 

Article 7:

Each test of the written exam is rated from zero to one hundred. Any mark less than twenty obtained at any one of the written tests is eliminatory.

Article 8:

The examination syllabuses are those used in classes preparing for the “Baccalaureat D” or GCE ‘A’ level in the subjects: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Article 9:

The deliberations will take place within a jury appointed by the Minister of Higher Education on the proposal of the Rector of the University of Dschang. Biomedical Sciences program Entrance 2019-2020. kamerpower.com

    1. At the end of the interview, the jury makes a list of proposed candidates for admission to the contest by alphabetic order or in order of merit, taking into account the marks obtained in the three tests.
  1.  The final results are published by Notice of the Minister of Higher Education.

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