2022 GCE Results-Ordinary Advanced Level Cameroon [PDF]


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23 Responses

  1. Nahbila Tesy Tonjock says:

    [email protected]

  2. Mme Miriam says:

    Please i need the results of my child. GCE A level 2022. Center number 12037. Her name sakwe Joana mosele

  3. Tebeck faustine tikum says:

    Please I need my result for this center number 11493

  4. Ful Philip berry kahnjam says:

    Please I need my results for this center number 11485

  5. Fozao Arreyebot Vaniela says:

    Please I need the results of Snow Bissong Ransom

  6. Bouba Odette Njante says:

    Please I need the result for the this center number 22026

  7. Naoussi Dave peter says:


  8. Njemba says:

    Would these results be out?

  9. Blaise Etongwe says:

    Please I need the GCE 2021 results sheet

  10. Eric says:

    If you need results, contact me through WhatsApp or text message

  11. Asanya Eveisa Ache says:

    Please for my GCE 2021 result centre number 11427 Bamenda old town external 2

  12. Rayan graniel omer suh says:


  13. Diefie joel says:


  14. KOIN TITUS MOMO says:


  15. Tchoualeu brunel Stephane says:

    Gce results

  16. Daniel suh says:

    Please can u help me with my results

  17. Ismael umar says:

    Please can I have the result of this marticule number 112035146

  18. Bapiah sprady says:

    Cant i have result for this matricule 113297075 centre NAL

  19. Konjoh Charlotte says:

    Please for the results of center 22030

  20. TAKANG sheniel says:

    Please send result from this candidate number 110415641

  21. nsah boris says:

    Nsah Boris

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