Chinese Government scholarship Award: Republic of China

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  1. ayambatakor Louis takor says:

    thanks for this great opportunity. I’m Cameroonian, and finishing my decree program in September , in national polytechnic bambui, in accountancy. I’m interested in the scholarship program, thanks

  2. mforndip Glory Ayuk says:

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity. I am due graduation in December from UB and will be glad Iforyou can consider me for a sscholarship

  3. i will really love to continue my master's programme in Accountancy

  4. tantoh faith nganga says:

    i am agro pastoral counselor and have always wished to study abroad inorder to come in cameroon and improve agriculture

  5. Ala hassan dodo adamou says:

    I’m so impressed of the chinese education. Love all chinese inhabitants. I’m a cameroonian, holder of GCE-A/L 2015-2016 academic session. I wish i’ld be one of the students you need.

  6. Ndimih Schuanegle says:

    what are the procedures to apply

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