Concours Recruitment corps of Revenue Services (Customs) MINFOPRA 2020-2021


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17 Responses

  1. Njimeli Blanche says:

    Please what are the requirements to write custome?

  2. Nolinga Midret Oboni says:

    Please Sir/Madam,how can I register and the requirements

  3. Nolinga Midret Oboni says:

    Please how can register for the 2020/2021 concur

  4. Nolinga Midret Oboni says:

    Please for the information of custom 2020/2021 675086244

  5. Nolinga Midret Oboni says:

    Please Sir, what are necessary documents and where do we submit them.

  6. Sone masango njibili says:

    Hello good morning sir I wish to know please what are the necessary documents and procedures needed to submit for the custom concour and also the date line for the submission of dossiers am very much interested. 6780720274

  7. Bih Emilie says:

    Please how can one take part in the custom entrance concour 2020/2021 and what are the necessary requirements

  8. Tangunu Oscar Chwiengshie says:

    Please, is custom entrance exam out. Thanks for contacting me on +237 6 53 42 62 44

  9. Neyou Joël says:

    Hello est-c’e que le résultat du concours de la douane pour la session 2019-2020 est deja publier ?
    Merci de me tenir informer
    Mon contact est le 693741351

  10. Kuate Alex says:

    Please i wish to know the modalities and dates of the entrance thanks for taken into considération

  11. Comfort says:

    Sir please like to know when the exams will be launched

  12. Gangdia Jude ndango Nteh says:

    Good evening please I wish to know when the Cameroon 2019/2020 customs concour will be launch.


    Good evening I wish to know when the Cameroon 2019/2020 custom concour will be lunch. Thanks for prompt reply

  14. Ngoupeyou Tankeu judithflore says:

    Good evening sir, please I wish to inquire when will they launched the custom exam thanks..

  15. Abeza claris says:

    Good day sir,please I wish to inquire when the custom entrance exam would be lunched .Thanks

  16. Patrick says:

    Same here

  17. Mildred mbech says:

    please i wish to inquire when custom entrance exam will be lunched?

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