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Curtin Canning College Science International Scholarship Australia 2016-2017

Curtin Canning College Science International Scholarship Australia 2016-2017

Scholarship Description:

The Curtin Canning College Science International Bursary has been developed by Curtin University to support International students enrolling at Curtin University in 2016 who have demonstrated high-level academic achievement in their studies at Canning College, and obtained an ATAR of at least 96 or equivalent in 2015.

Number of award(s):

5 scholarships are offered.

Duration of award(s):

Scholarships are offered for three years.

What does it cover?

The Curtin Canning College Science International Scholarship will provide the following support for the expected duration of the undergraduate degree (based on a full-time study load of 100 credits per semester): A total value of up to:

  • $3,000 for a 3 year degree
  • $3,500 for a 3.5 year degree
  • $4,000 for a 4 year degree
  • $5,000 for a 5 year degree
  • $5,500 for a 5.5 year degree
  • Paid as a cash stipend of $500 per semester. The amount can be used at the recipient’s discretion to contribute towards educational related expenses.
  • Payments occur post census date each semester. Payments will be made approximately mid-end April and September each year.

Curtin University is inviting applications for Canning College science international scholarship. The scholarships will be awarded on merit-based. Outcome sent via Official Communications Channel within 6-8 weeks of the scholarship closing date. The application deadline is 11 march 2016.

Study Subject(s):

Scholarships are provided to learn all undergraduate Science degrees, double degrees will also be considered at Curtin University.

Course Level:

Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate degree level at Curtin University.

Scholarship Open for International Students:

International students can apply for these scholarships.

Scholarship Provider:

Curtin University, Australia

Scholarship can be taken at: Australia

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