Dangote Cement Cameroon recruitment 2019-2020


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  1. Abe Euvance says:

    Good day sir/madam,i’m Abe Euvance,i have a qualification as a customs clearing agent for past three years

  2. Njume Nkonge says:

    I am a young dynamic lady with 5 years sales experience, Good Marketing skills, Good computer skills, Very friendly, willing to learn, a good team player, I am also good at developing sales leads , I can be an asset in your sales team, thanks so much

  3. Naoussifokoufelix says:

    Bonjour mr/Mme,je suis jeune camerounais titulaire d’une licence professionnelle en management services de lautomobile .j’ai 4ans d esperiences et aimerai savoir si vous recruté encore au poste de mécanicien

  4. Abinkeng Smith says:

    Good morning sir/madam, I am Abinkeng Smith a holder of brevet de technician certificate (Bacc) sir just to know if there is any vacancy for me

  5. GUIEGOU GUIEGOU Vincent Marcelin says:

    Bonjour je suis un jeune camerounais âgé de 26ans titulaire d’un probatoire en maintenance automobile et d’un permis B apte sur le terrain eyant déjà exercicé dans deux garages pendant trois ans, je souhaite travailler à dangoté mon contact est le:655-46-22356/674-21-26-54

  6. Ngwanne Tita Daniel says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to apply for an academic internship from August to September

  7. franklin ezinne says:

    good morning sir, i am a young graduate a holder of a bachelor degree in geology and petroleum technology as minor.sir, i will like to know if it was possible for me to do internship in your company am a very motivated and a hardworking person.i pray i get more info about it thanks so much in advance

  8. D'assise Misom says:

    Yes sir i have a degree in geology with a minor in petroleum technology so please i which to know if there a vacancy for me on yoir company

  9. Motoma Teke says:

    I am interested for the job

  10. nkwehou brightson says:

    Goodafternoon sir/madame. calvary greetings in Jesus name. i wish to know if you are still in need of workers . i currently work with National institute of statistics yaounde . i have been involve in many projects on staistics. i have the qualification to work at dangote services if well paid ,beside being balingual.my address is 675089546

  11. Adizatou sali says:

    Good morning sir/madame juste to know if one with a first school living certificate can found job in your company with computer certificate experience one year

  12. ambicham asig agaabi says:

    sir.i will start by thanking GOD almighty for bringing dangote in cameroon so as to help us more expercially the low class and under previlage ones like us.i will appreciate if my application can be consider judging from the fack .i suite all the reguired qualification besiden being bilingual

  13. Crispin says:

    that great

  14. bongang louis honore says:

    Good morning i have a capacity for job

  15. Ngongha Ivo says:

    Good morning Sir/Madame, just to known if recruitment is still ongoing for the post of senior sales officer. I have a greater part of the qualifications

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