application file for scholarship offer / dossier de demande de bourse

Concours ENAP Cameroon Buea 2019 Entrance: 20 Prison Administrators – National School of Penitentiary Administration

Article 3:

Concours ENAP Cameroon Buea Entrance 2019-2020: 20 Prison Administrators.

(1) Therefore, the deadline for filing application files is fixed to May 12, 2017.

    1. A handwritten application addressed to the Minister of State, Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, stamped 1000 FCFA dated and signed explicitly.

      • the full name, date and place of birth of the candidate and his address;
      • the department and region of origin.
      • indication of the competition entrance concerns.
      • Language of composition.
      • center of composition.
      • enumeration of attachments to the request.
    1.  a certified copy of the diploma signed by a competent civil authority, dated less than three (03) months.
    2. a presentation of the original certificate of the required diploma.
    1. a certified copy of the birth certificate signed by a civil authority competent, not older than three (03) months.
    2.  a criminal record (bulletin No. 3) dated no more than three (03) months.
    3.  certificate of height gauge. ENAP Cameroon Buea 2017 Entrance.
    1. A medical certificate issued by a doctor working in the public sector, dating less than three (03) months.
    1.  money order of 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) FCFA addressed to  Director Prison Administration (Ministry of Justice, Yaoundé), representing costs Participation in the entrance examination.
    1.  an A4 envelope with the address of the candidate and a postage stamp of regulatory price.
    1. Two (2) 4×4 identity photos,  with the name of the candidate printed on the back.
  1.  to resumes/ curriculum vitae unstamped and duly signed by the candidate.

(2) Married female Candidates  must necessarily attach a note of commitment to their husbands duly legalized by which the latter agrees to accept the allocation at any time of his wife in any region of the country when operational requirements dictate.

(3) Incomplete applications, late or whose documents have not been signed by the competent authorities will be rejected outright. ENAP Cameroon Buea 2019 Entrance:

(4) The lists of candidates allowed to participate in the entrance examination will be published at the Ministry of Justice and the Regional Delegations of the ten Penitentiary Administration.

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