application file for scholarship offer / dossier de demande de bourse

ENAP Cameroon Concours 2019-2020: (25) Prisons Intendants recruitment – National School of Penitentiary Administration

Article 4:

The entrance examination includes a pre-selection test (medical checks, physical test), written tests and a thorough medical examination. The test are rated 0 to 20. The fail mark is 06/20 in each subject. The Program of these test is specified at the bottom of this page.

Article 5:

(1) The medical screening will focus on the size, weight, visual acuity and hearing, the ability to handle functions that require a good physical  condition and general presentation.

(2) The physical test of the pre-selection is rated from 0 to 20 with an eliminatory mark of 06/20 on a race, an endurance race and a timed exercice of muscle tonicity;

    • speed timed race covers 100 m of Candidates of both sexes.
    • also timed resistance the race is about 1000m for female candidates and 1500m for male candidates.
  • a timed exercise of muscle tonicity which is to make the arm tense, the body V untill exhaustion for candidates of both sexes.

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