ENEF Bambili – Forestry School of Bambili MINEFOP


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  1. Sulayman MS Jagne says:

    Am interested to pursue my BSc in Forestry

  2. Jones says:

    Wow!!! Am speechless. What is going on in bambili? Bafoussam and others? Can someone tell me? Which forestry school is real? Am so confused!!! Someone who knows something should talk please. I really want to be a forest guard but don’t know which school is real.

  3. nono voltaire loic says:


  4. Good to know we have an anglosaxon forestry school in Bambili

    • lordkev says:

      no my bros , don’t go there it is a scam, the only forestry operational as of now is in Mbalmayo, the school has two tutors the ministry of forestry and Higher Education, with Advanced level you come out with a Senior Technician Diploma from there you can continue to do Bachelor of Technology or Professional Bachelor or Assistant Engineer diploma.don’t be scam the forestry school doesn’t belong to the ministry of Professional Training.

  5. onfor says:

    a graduate of the 48th batch of ENS Bambili. I wish you could frequently update me on the position of my documents through my email: [email protected] i will be grateful if this could be done. Thanks

  6. so when is the latest day to submit your documents?

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