Forestry concours 2019-2020 Cameroon: ENEF Mbalmayo 300 places available


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  1. Nducho brice says:

    Please when is the next forestry concour is going to be launched?

  2. Samuah Harvilange Sama says:

    Gdevenx sir/madam please when will the ENEF 2019 session result will be out? thanks

  3. Jeme mwambo says:

    Sir/madam please what is the age limited and what certificate. Thanks

  4. Agines kamanyi Ako says:

    Thanks very much

  5. Gilbert Unji ongum says:

    What are the available book or books to prepare on,for the concourse?thanks

  6. Ngum Prosita Allier says:

    where can I deposit my application an what’s the lowest rate of education to be applied

  7. aBouket nestor says:

    the tuitions for the mbalmayo forestry schools

  8. Nangweri Njabe Clinton says:

    please I will like to inquire on the publication of this year’s results. please I will like to be notified. my nbr is 665-859-555

  9. Desmond says:

    When are the 2018 enef results be published?

  10. Nfon Michael says:

    The are the requirements for the Forestry examination

  11. Arrey-Ashu Prince says:

    I want to know the next step to take after passing the police inspector exam

  12. njemba says:

    what is the date of the oral part of forestry

  13. Ngu Bernard says:

    what are the dates of the written part of this exam

  14. navo vacris kerefe says:

    date lines and requirements

  15. Rank ref says:

    What is happening with the forestry results? It has taken longer than expected

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