Forestry concours 2017-2018 Cameroon: ENEF Mbalmayo 225 places available

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25 Responses

  1. njemba says:

    what is the date of the oral part of forestry

  2. Ngu Bernard says:

    what are the dates of the written part of this exam

  3. navo vacris kerefe says:

    date lines and requirements

  4. Rank ref says:

    What is happening with the forestry results? It has taken longer than expected

  5. Ambe Pius says:

    please I wish to have my results online, thanks for your understanding.

  6. Ambessi Prosper Ambu Atokijah. says:

    please the result’s have over stayed as compared to the information on the prospectus if the result’s can be out this week before Friday I’ll really be great full, i wish to have my result’s in my mail box thanks for understanding.

  7. ngabe clive enongene says:

    i wish to have my results online thanks for your understanding

  8. Bah Ernest says:

    what is the last great to go in for, can fisrt school liver also be a part of this concour

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