GCE Results 2016 Cameroon General Certificate of Education released

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279 Responses

  1. Andok Lemuel says:

    Chack, fabulous!!!

  2. meh narcisse says:

    i faced a lot of difficulty getting to my GCE results. it was a time of pleasure.

  3. meh narcisse says:

    hi, the nature or the physical apearance of this needs to be revised, the simple reasons are as follows;
    – the imposive color and brightness is a nuissance to the eye. the font color is not the best making it not attractive.
    – the the complexity: atleast make your site much more attractive!!!!! and make it for us readers to read joifully. thanks

  4. Ndoehwong Genesis Mukom says:

    GCE results

  5. Anselm says:

    i love you site but the color code makes it difficult for me to see. any better combination?? Please because i find the information here very useful to youths and i wish to ask help i coming up with a small organisation

  6. AMBA BETTES says:

    Exam number:11086 GUKA EXTERNAL
    candidate identify number:110865052
    pls for my result

  7. AMBA BETTES says:

    please am amba Bettes munyoh i rewrite chemistry and math ordinary level in PHS BATIOLBO GUKA EXTERNAL .MY CANDINATE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER IS 110865052. PLS FOR MY RESULT

  8. ndikum tina kelly ngum says:

    center number 11045

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