GCE Results 2021 Cameroon General Certificate of Education released


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608 Responses

  1. Ngenge Judith says:

    Greatx Pls I wrote the ITC examination the way writing report on some of my subject but on my slip I found out I was absent in the subject how can this problem be solve sir /madam

  2. Ace says:

    This is total injustice to the commercial students…How can one have 3papers with 8 points and is asked to repeat.. This is so unfaire

  3. modika lucy says:

    Pls results of center number 12085 ordinary level

  4. Adamou Ben Abdouraman says:

    Good morming please help me to verifier my result i dont known if i passed or not i want know

  5. Babila Raphael says:

    Please I need results of center number 11881 in my WhatsApp number 674697020

  6. Asue mary says:

    Results of center number 11885

  7. Maxime says:

    Center number 115515195

  8. Minsili essam Cyndi stessy says:

    Svp j’ai besoin de connaitre mon résultat voici mon matricule 124245215

  9. Awasume clintin says:

    Please my result enter is 11010 and my candidate number is 5465

  10. Nguele rose says:

    Please how can I have my results !

  11. Takem Alex says:

    Please I saw my name from one list and the another I didn’t saw my name check, my information I’m confuse
    Center number: 11888
    Coordinate number; 118885092

  12. Takem Alex says:

    Please, from the list I didn’t saw my name , but I saw from different list, I’m confused, please check my result
    Center number: 11888
    Cardinate number: 118885092

  13. Fumba Loveline says:

    Center 11358. Mat. 5127

  14. Ngassa yense Marguerite alexandra says:

    Plaese i need my résult. Centre number :11523 identification number 111523191

  15. Makuissu Simo Ivana flore says:

    Please my result centre number 11748

  16. Makuissu Simo Ivana flore says:

    Please sent my result centre number 11748

  17. vincent shey njamnsi says:

    how can i check my results using the examination number?

  18. Pamela says:

    J’aimerai avoir mes résultats svp
    No de centre: 11791
    No d’identification : 117915027
    Merci dans l’attente.

  19. brice nana says:

    How to download result

  20. Fru Felix Matoyah says:

    12098 Fru Felix Matoyah

  21. Ngassa Sorelle says:

    Please i need my results for advanced level center number 11523 on my Whatsapp number 698432611