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Get an online Criminal Justice Degree that can be useful worldwide

Get an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Criminal Justice Degree, a Degree in Demand that Makes a Difference. Portland State University’s Division of Criminology & Criminal Justice provides an online bachelor’s degree completion program for those seeking to pursue a criminology & criminal justice degree. In addition, four certificate programs are available to those seeking to specialize in key criminal justice areas. There are a variety of career paths for those who receive a high-quality criminal justice education. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts double-digit growth in the criminal justice field through the end of the decade. Amazingly diverse opportunities exist for dedicated and educated individuals who are interested in a future in these career areas:

    • Law Enforcement – Police Officer, Detective, Special Investigator, State Trooper, Community Relations Officer, Crime Analyst
    • Corrections – Corrections Officer, Correctional Counselor, Parole Officer, Probation Officer
    • Federal Agencies – Border Patrol Agent, Game Enforcement Agent, U.S. Marshal, FBI Agent, CIA Agent, Secret Service Agent, ICE Agent
    • Social Services – Behavioral Disorder Counselor, Treatment Specialist, Victim Advocate, Policy Analyst, Youth Counselor, Crime Prevention Coordinator, and more

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