How to Create a verified Paypal account in Cameroon – Step By Step Guide


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    Please kindly help me out
    Can I Link my PayPal account to do widrawal from Cameroon local MTN and orange Mobil money
    Thanks again for all your time and consideration

  2. Leo says:

    Can I receive money send from Nigeria in Naira here in Cameroon as CFA. Ie Cameroon currency?

  3. Tokop Bernard N says:

    Can I create a PayPal account and link it to my MOMO or Orange Money account instead of a bank account.

    • Kindzeka pierro says:

      I’m trying to create my PayPal account but isn’t going. Ends the level of phone number no forward movement

    • Mungob Whendi says:

      Can I create a PayPal account an Link it to my Momo

    • Mungob Whendi says:

      Can I create a PayPal account an Link it to my Momo number

  4. Ndansi Elizabeth Leouga says:

    Very good

  5. Ndansi Elizabeth Leouga says:

    I love this

  6. Keming Emmanuel says:

    Can I create PayPal without bank account or credit card?

  7. Yuyun viannette kiyeh says:

    Please I wish to know if without a bank account my PayPal account is invalid in cameroon?

  8. J blazo says:

    Pleas help me can i creat paypal account without bank account? This my 675716182

  9. Ambe Odette says:

    Nice being here

  10. Joranda mukong says:

    Help me can I created PayPal account without Bank account

  11. Joranda mukong says:

    I don’t have credit card and Bank account

  12. Brainy says:

    Please can I creat a PayPal account without a credit or debit card? Is it possible to create the account and link it to my mobile money account instead? Here is my contact 650533527

  13. Nji Evangeline nyoma says:

    Connect to me on 676009814 if its possible to link PayPal to my mobile money, thanks

  14. Mr niami Desmond says:

    GREETINGS.. FOR those who
    want to create a PayPal
    in Cameroon or to create a foreign PayPal account.
    Or link account to
    Ur mobile money account
    Contact me through watsap +237-650820747

  15. Estherine says:

    Can create a PayPal account without a debit/credit card in Cameroon

    • Gaston says:

      Pls I need u to help me, show how I can create a PayPal account without a credit card …

  16. Serena says:

    Any one who needs to create PayPal account in Cameroon should contact me through WhatsApp 695811237 / 654223196 or email: [email protected]

  17. Ambang Gahel says:

    Can i link a PayPal account to my mobile money account?

  18. Yannick Ebot says:

    Can I link my PayPal account to mobilbe money account instead

  19. Milton Babila says:

    Interested I’ll like to create one account

  20. Sandrine ngwenyi says:

    Can I link it to my mobile money instead of debit or credit card

  21. Mbah dilane blaise says:

    I need a paypal account that i can transfer money from into my local orange money account pls i really need it pls 237651031297 this my watsapp and line contact

  22. Ngong Eric says:

    Can I creat a PayPal account in Cameroon without a credit or debit card?

    • Nji Maxwell says:

      Can I create a paypal linking it but to my mobile money?

  23. Egbe Roger Obassi says:

    How do I create creat a PayPal account with having a credit card or a debit card

  24. Côñfîdø's Natural skin care says:

    I wish to creat my PayPal account purposely for my business it will be a previllege for me if u accept my application to be part of you thank u ..

  25. Jacka Haddison Esey says:

    it is good

  26. Jacka Haddison Esey says:


  27. Kamta says:

    I want paypal account

  28. Shiykenyuy Catherine says:

    Can I link my Cameroon PayPal account to my mobile money account ???

  29. Stella Mangeh Ngu Tumasang says:

    Am really interested in this.

  30. tanyi robert says:

    plss can i have your number to call you to pay you to create me a foreign paypal and also can i use only my foreign paypal once created to be transfering my earnings to my local account in cameroon rather than opening a cameroon paypal that i will still send the money to the foreign paypal account before i can withdraw.waiting for your response. 651871310. [email protected]

  31. Fominyen Victor Ngwefang says:

    Can i send money from my Bank Account through Pay Pal? And how?

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