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HPD, DESP, BTS, HND syllabuses Cameroon: syllabus revised

HPD, DESP, BTS, HND syllabuses Cameroon: syllabus revised

HPD, DESP, BTS, HND syllabuses Cameroon : Officials at the Ministry of Higher education MINESUP Cameroon met on Thursday 26th November 2015 at the National Advanced School of Engineering – Polytech to revise the syllabuses of four Higher National Diplomas (HPD, DESP, BTS, HND).

The National diplomas under scrutiny were: HND – Higher National Diploma. HPD – Higher Professional Diploma, the French  BTS – Brevet de Technicien Superieur, and DESP – Diplome Superieur d’Etudes Professionnelles.

These certificates are equivalent to GCE Advanced Level +2 years.

According to officials, 15 years ago since the syllabuses of these National diplomas were revised, no remarkable change has been envisaged.

As such, they expressed determination to examine the output of the four diplomas.They will have to decide if to either eliminate or maintain them. If the certificates will have to be maintained, like they say, ways of making them more lucrative for employment will therefore be fine-tuned.

Officials say they are determined to wipe off the old adage attached to the examination systems: “A machine for fabricating jobless graduate.”

The seminar was presided by the Minister of Higher Education MINESUP Cameroon Professor Jaques Fame Ndongo.

HPD, DESP, BTS, HND syllabuses Cameroon: syllabus revised

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