I Want to Get Paid to Marry a Foreigner in 2023: Marrying a Foreigner


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  1. Jade Babcock says:

    I am a female in Los Angeles willing to help you get your visa call me 747253334

  2. heshan de silva says:

    im 37 years old male from srilanka looking for settle a europe country . i can cooking and do every work in your house if someone can help me please contact me my whatsapp number +9477531477..

  3. Tony says:

    If you need your green card, 44 year old male in Arizona

  4. Tony says:

    If you need your green card, 44 year old male citizen can help. Currently in Arizona.


  5. Russell says:

    Hey, whats going on guys, I am a male, seeking a woman who I can marry, please text me on telegram @a93120, serious business only

  6. Jp says:

    40yr old willing to marry someone for green card .nothing less then 30k

  7. Jamie s says:

    Im am 30s white male in texas willing to marry a non citizen if interested text me 346268164

  8. ovi says:

    any onr hepl me out to settle down in US.

  9. Dawit Taye says:

    need green card

  10. Monty says:

    I am Afro Latino male in Texas looking to accept a donation to marry and help someone get there green card if interested email me

    • Harsh Thakur says:

      Hi, I am interested. 20yr old male. Contact me. Gender doesn’t matter until u have green card

  11. Melinda says:

    I’m a 26 y.o Women Looking To Help Someone With Their Green Card , Willing To Travel ! Contact Me On email

  12. Kc says:

    black man looking to get paid to marry non U.S. citizen serious inquiries only [email protected]

  13. Jane says:

    28 yr woman looking for US citizen to marry for green card. In cali area. Serious inquiries to [email protected]

  14. Jane says:

    Black woman (28) looking for US citizen to marry for green card. In Cali area. Serious inquires to [email protected] please .

  15. J louis says:

    Will provide marriage and also need one provided.

  16. Rodney Patterson says:

    I’m willing to marry a non citizen to get them citizenship 330459323

  17. kimkisses says:

    I’m a U.S. citizen who will marry someone so the can get their green card .. I’m in the Houston Texas area.
    [email protected]

  18. marcus smith says:

    I am back man who wants to help anyone to become a certified citizen

  19. ROC says:

    I am a US citizen looking to get paid for marrying a foreigner as soon as possible… I can be reached at [email protected].. I am a male 39 years old

  20. Teddy says:

    I am 39 years old looking for green card, huston texas

  21. Alexis says:

    I am a black male (23) and am willing to get married for money. Contact me on WhatsApp +6143174093 please. serious enquires only

  22. Jenn says:

    Hi if you’re interested in getting your green card I can help you for a very nice donation I’m a US citizen willing to get married

  23. Lala west says:

    Looking for green card contact me now I’m interested.

  24. Lala west says:

    Looking for green card contact me now

  25. DaisyMaeChelle says:

    Hello I’m in New Mexico I’m interested in helping someone gain citizenship. 505.758.769x Waste No Time. SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE

  26. DaisyMaeChelle says:

    I’m interested in possibly accepting generous donation while marrying a non- citizen. Please contact (505) 758-769x. Talk to Daisy. PLEASE. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY

  27. Harsh Thakur says:

    How can we get in touch?

  28. Harsh Thakur says:

    I m Indian, male, 19 y/o. Studying in the US, green card will help me a lot. My point being the stakes for me are high and hence, so would the amount I offer you. Residing in PA. Though I am hetero, American citizen of any gender is fine. Contact me at [email protected]

  29. Jake says:

    I will marry someone for money

  30. Michael says:

    I’d like to marry a US citizen. I am from the Czech Republic, and 23 years old. 619-792-939x. Thank you so much!

  31. Andre says:

    Andria call me

  32. Andre says:

    I am an American black man looking for a foreign woman to marry for money 570-492-4068

  33. Mari says:

    In Cali email me pls or txt me 7149309373

  34. Mari says:

    I’m interested in marrying for money anyone interested we can talk money in private settings email me

  35. Andria says:

    Hello my name is Andria I’m trying to find a foreigner to marry for cash asap really need the cash

  36. Sarathkumar says:

    I’m Indian iam get ready to marry a girl for money. im 27. Anyone interested please contact me at my email [email protected]

  37. I Gupta says:

    I am male ready to pay to marry Citizen. I am in US, looking for female. Email – [email protected]

  38. Dee says:


  39. Celeste Oniel says:

    Looking for someone who wants to marry a south african white woman.
    And who would pay to marry the woman

  40. Malcolm Kipyegon says:

    Where are you.? I have an offer of 60,000-90,000 for marrying a Kenyan. He wants a green card only. we’ll communicate later.Email me. Thanks.

  41. Malcolm Kipyegon says:

    I’m offering 60,000 US Dollars, I’m from Kenya, age 19, I want an American citizen, who will accept my offer for marriage to get a green card. Answer me if you’re from USA, any state, I’ll find you Kenyan trip, before we go to USA together. I’m serious, 60,000-80,000 USD, we’ll communicate afterwards. Thank You.

  42. Trevor says:

    Want to get paid to marry. Live in Houston, TX.

    • Malcolm Kipyegon says:

      Where are you.? for marrying a Kenyan. He wants a green card only.

  43. Amir says:

    I want to live in US please guide me about the marriage

  44. Hope says:

    Where do you live? I know someone who want it.

  45. JESS says:


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