MINFOF Cameroun Concours Eaux et Forêts ENEF de Mbalmayo

Forestry concours 2019-2020 Cameroon: ENEF Mbalmayo 300 places available

(State employees and the forestry profession):

1 2.1-Assistant Forestry Technician Cycle:

  • Be a Forestry Technical Assistant (ATAEF) or agricultural technical assistant (ATAAwith at least two (2) years professional experience.
  • Be at most 45 years on the date of the examination.

1.2.2-Forestry Technician Cycle;

  • Be a holder of an Assistant Forestry Technician certificate (ATEF) or an Agriculture Technicians Certificate (ATA) or an equivalent certificate with at least two (2) years professional experience.
  • Be at most 50 years on the date of the examination. Forestry concours 2019-2020 Cameroon

1.2.3- Senior Forestry Technician Cycle:

  • Be a holder of a Forestry Technician’s certificate (TEF) or Agriculture technician‘s certificate (TA) with at least two (2) years professional experience. kamerpower.com
  • Be at most 50 years on the date of the examinations. kamerpower.com 


(1) For Cameroonian civil servants, in conformity with article 13 sub 2 of decree N° 2000/696/PM of 13 September 2000 laying down the general principles for government competitive examinations, only civil servants that have worked effectively in their respective grades as of the 1st of January in the year of the competitive examination for 5 years shall be allowed to take part in this professional competitive examination for their reclassification in the Public Service.

(2) Foreign candidates not resident in Cameroon and who fulfill the above conditions (qualification and age) may be admitted upon examining the files they would have forwarded to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife through their respective embassies or diplomatic missions in Cameroon. They should specify the source of funding to cover their expenses in Cameroon (State, public or private organization, NGO, Family, or other sources)

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