MINFOF Cameroun Concours Eaux et Forêts ENEF de Mbalmayo

Forestry concours 2019-2020 Cameroon: ENEF Mbalmayo 300 places available


Candidates complete files should be deposital at the in-coming mail office of the ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, ground floor of ministerial building N° 2. or at the Wildlife Specialist School in Garoua in the office of the Head of service for Administration and Finance, latest 28 June 2019 at 3 30 pm. The file should comprise the following documents: kamerpower.com

    1. A registration form that can be downloaded from MINFOF’s web site www.minfof.cm/concours-enef-2019 or taken from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife when depositing your documents.
    1. A stamped hand writing application addressed to the Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, specifying the cycle requested.
    2. Three recent color passport- size photographs (4×4).
    1. A certified copy of birth certificate signed by an administrative or municipal authority.
    2. A certified copy of the required certificate. Forestry concours 2019-2020 Cameroon
    1. A medical certificate of fitness for forest work not more than three months old and signed by a medical doctor working with the administration.
    1. An extract of the candidates criminal record not more than three months old.
    1. A certified copy of ATAEF, ATAA, ATEF, ATA TEF or TA testimonial for internal candidates. kamerpower.com
    1. A certificate of effective presence duly signed by the candidates boss (for internal candidates).
    1. An authorization signed by the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms for internal candidates.
    2. Integration decision for internal candidates.
    1. A signed authorization and letter of sponsorship from public or semi-public establishment, forest company and NGO for their candidates.
  1. An authentic receipt attesting the payment of the examination fee of ten thousand francs (10 000) FCFA for external candidates and fifteen thousand francs (15 000) FCFA for civil servants, candidates from public and semi- public enterprises, forest companies and NGOs.
  • NB: The examination fee mentioned above shall be paid against a receipt while submitting candidates files to Madame. MOUKOURI Marie Noel,  Mle: 753533-Z. Assistant Research Officer at the Education Unit of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, ministerial building n° 2, room 1732 at the 17th floor, for candidates wishing to submit their files in Yaounde or to the head of the service for Administration and Finance in the Garoua Wildlife Specialist School for those who wish to submit their files in Garoua.

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