Results of ENSET BAMBILI second cycle 2016-2017 LEVEL 1 University of Bamenda HTTTC

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  • 7 Responses

    1. Magnam rosine says:

      please the results of ASTI 2015-2016

    2. ETAH EWANE says:

      I wish to suggest to our authorities to make the publication of results accessible to an average person and if possible convert to pdf to fascilitate the downloading process.thanks

    3. Asaha Ernest says:

      Cameroon can never advance even after 100 years (thieves)

    4. please is it not better to published the reults in PDF format and make it accessable to everyone?

    5. please give us information with ease. there is no need producing web site and making it complecated. in the end end it doesnt serve any purpose. i cant reach the result for bambili but i am seeing all highlight but ……… what none sense

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