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Special Bilingual Education French Syllabus GCE A Level Cameroon


V.1 Weighting of Assessment Objectives

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As far as literature in French is concerned. candidates are expected to show proof by answering questions set on prescribed texts that they have read and understood with emphasis on aspects like plot, characters, setting and themes.

The texts prescribed for study by the candidates of the Special Bilingual Education French at the Advanced Level shall be representative of the three (3) literary genres as follows:

  • For poetry. specified African and French poems;
  • For drama, one(1) comic or and one (1) tragic or tragic-comic;
  • Finally, for prose, two African novels (one must be Cameroonian).

N.B: On the whole, candidates shall be assessed on their ability to communicate accurately and fluently in the French language in true life situation in order to adequately play their social roles in various domains of life including the environment,  social integration, jobs and professions, health, media, rights and obligations of the
citizen, family life, sports and leisure, shopping, customs and traditions, transport and travelling, tourism, urban and country life, etc.

It is intended that knowledge of the linguistic items mentioned in this syllabus and the ability to use them shall be tested in any given language area within the scope of the candidates who shall have been exposed to the requirements of the course work envisaged for that purpose. Candidates shall show proof of confidence through the
appropriate use of simple as well as relatively complex language structural patterns in their oral and written responses.

Article 2: The Inspectorate General of Education, through its specialized services, and the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board are charged, each in their own sphere, with the implementation of this Order which shall be communicated wherever need be and published in the official gazette in French and English.

Special Bilingual Education French Syllabus GCE A Level Cameroon 746

cameroon gce board past questions

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