University of Yaounde I online registration procedures 2023-2024


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14 Responses

  1. Lumchi says:

    Greetings. can i enroll in faculty of anthropology with a degree in English Modern letters?

  2. Ntirpang Louis says:

    Please I’m facing difficulties with the preregistration. After completing the questionnaire they referred me to at minesup-omdes i am unable to obtain my result. After clicking on “see my result” it displays “problem connecting to server”. And my internet connection is okay. Due to this problem I’m unable to obtain the questionnaire code required on the form. Please can someone help me?

  3. Evina Ela catherine lynda says:

    Je voudrais deposer ma candidature pour l’ecole doctorale.Je suis odontostomatologue,de la 43 e promotion à la faculté de Medecine et des sciences biomedicales de yaounde 1.

  4. Yofela Roland Nfi Peter says:

    Thanks.I want to go in for FALSH

  5. Theodoro says:

    is registration still open please

  6. sylvester nkeh Nkainmbi says:

    Please, I want to obtain a degree in bilingual studies while studying online.

  7. Fritz says:

    Please can I have the procedures and requirements to apply for masters 1 program of this institute?

  8. Awasung Valencia says:

    Please can someone help me out with registration procedures

  9. Andongma Esack says:

    pls i graduated from the university of Buea in 2018 but my attestation is not available yet. Can i apply for a phd in biochemistry with my Transcript which is available

  10. Yufenyuy Berinyuy Frankline says:

    wish to find out how to retrieve my password for registration into Doctorate

  11. Hai says:

    If you need help with getting admission
    Please contact me via whatsapp 657198007

  12. ELISHA Nfor says:

    When is the latest date of registration?

  13. orock Elizabeth oru says:

    I want to deposit my file I don’t know the direction since its my first year into the university

  14. KAPSEU Gilbert says:

    Comment obtenir l’établissement de son diplôme de licence en Sciences Economiques obtenu en 1991: je voudrais savoir la procédure de délivrance du diplôme et auprès de quel service se rendre?

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