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14 Responses

  1. greating’s to Vodafone group please how can i get your address in order to forward my CV Telecommunication technicien

  2. titi alain ritch says:

    dear sir and responsible of vodafone
    i come from you to apply a job opportuinty in your company. i have not experience of marketing. but i want to learn and to study. i have bachelor’s degree of literature. i’m learning to speak english, actually. but i speak french very well.
    please sir, aaccording to me that job opportunity, because i need a job, and i want to work.
    please, accept my shorty greetings .

  3. JUL says:

    i have tried to seznd my CV on multi baese to no avail

  4. Fadimatou Issa says:

    Job of engineer télécommunications

  5. Atangbah Linda Ayiza says:

    How can one get your address in order to forward her cover letter

  6. ngongang nicanor says:

    Slt a vous tout le groupe Vodafone Cameroun. sil vous plait dite moi comment faire pour vous faire parvenir mon CV

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