ASMAC University of Yaounde II Entrance 2023-2024: ESSTIC Advanced School of Mass Communication (ASMAC)


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20 Responses

  1. Njeck Rykelle Dushelle says:

    Please when is the concour for the academic year 2022 -2023

  2. Som Fabian Solo says:

    When is the entrance examination for the 2021/2022 academic year launched? Or when will it be launched?


    Hello please when does the entrance exam for this year 2020/2021 starts

  4. Fon halliday fon says:

    How can I get past questions for de year 2017, 2018, 2019

  5. Lidwin Namondo Ndumbe says:

    Hello I will like to inquire more about this university and the time in which they will registering for the entrance exam and the period when they Will be writing . Thanks

  6. Manyi Virginie says:

    Admission still going on?

  7. Joyce Cham says:

    Please has the competitive exams Into ASMAC Been launched for the year 2019/2020?

  8. Asong Tracy says:

    Please when will the competitive entrance exams Into ASMAC for 2019/2020 take place

  9. George Epalle says:

    please when is the concour for 2019-2020 AC to hold?

  10. Alice bessong says:

    Please what is the writing time?

  11. Blandine says:

    I am a holder of HND in Journalism, please can I be admitted into level 3 of ASMAC?

    • Manigha says:

      You cannot use an HND and go into level three ASMAC. The school offers three year undergraduate and two year post graduate study programmes

  12. Fonyuy coleth says:

    Please how much is the school fees

  13. Zambo mbida paulin says:

    After advance levels I needed to continue with education and the actual concours may be a new way for me to prolong my level of education especially, it is a domain I which to study.

  14. Muke Shephine Ajang Ewang says:

    Please i wish to find out about the masters program in offered.

  15. Please i wish to see the list for successful canditates in to ASMAC

  16. Akoh Charles Atud says:

    What about the PhD programme?

  17. sand'y sandra says:

    Please what about masters

  18. zeinab kala says:

    please i need the english version of the communicae which concerns the ASMAC masters program

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