University of Buea - Université de Buea

ASTI University of Buea Division I, II ASTI de Buea

Application files shall comprise the following documents:

  1.  a handwritten application bearing a CFAF 1000 (one thousand francs) iseal stamp. clearly showing the chosen centre and the candidate‘s working languages.
  2. a certified true copy of the candidate’s birth certificate issued not more that 6 months ago;
  3. a certificate of non-conviction issued not more than 3 months ago;
  4. four (4) recent passport-size photographs (4cm x 4cm):
  5. a certilied true copy of the bachelor’s degree or its recognized equivalent;
  6. transcripts of the bachelor‘s degree courses:
  7. an attestation of presentation of the original of the said diploma;
  8. a receipt of CFAF 20,000 (twenty thousand francs) for the examinaton, payable to the Advanced School of ‘Translators and Interpreters (ASTI University of Buea, in the following account: BICEC Buea, Account No: 98394442001-57
  9. a written authorization from the Public Service to sit for the examination for candidates who are civil servants;
  10. where applicable, an authorization from the candidate’s employer;
  11. a large self-addressed envelope bearing a CFAF 250 (two hundred and fifty francs) postage stamp;
  12. Complete application files must be received at the Advanced School of Translators and Interpreters ( ASTI University of Buea Entrance 2016 ), University of Buea. P.O. Box 63, Buea or at the Ministry of Higher Education (Room 917), Yaounde. Late or incomplete application files shall be automatically rejected.


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