University of Buea Semester Results checking procedure


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13 Responses

  1. Kadji Yemeli Amélie says:

    S’il vous plaît comment je peux faire pour avoir mon résultat Vu que je n’ai pas enregistré les matières en ligne ?

  2. Eyambe Ashley Bright Aleh says:

    I wish to check my first semester results

  3. Kemta temeze loana marinole says:

    Please I need my first semester results 2020/2021

  4. Kemta temeze loana marinole says:

    Please I need my first semester results 2020/2021

  5. Maxmine Dibo says:

    There is too much congestion, before getting ones result is a war.Ha fear

  6. Aba Fina Anyi says:

    UB go student result

  7. MARK DIBo says:

    We accept that during the day connection is slow.
    But why does it still persist til now at 2am the portal is still not opening

  8. Radin Tonga . T says:

    The go student website is too inefficient for my liking . checking result like one have to spend the whole day on.
    Please let’s try and do something that will satisfy the students.
    Loading students profile for two days now.

  9. Ekane Berry says:

    it’s not been easy to check the results. why is the website “currently unavailable ” when results are out.


    results of english proficiency

  11. NDZE JUDE KEDZE says:

    they have deducted me money three times before it open
    what should do


    Now that they managed to release the results, the UB website is too poor. I’ve been trying to check mine but I can’t because of the poor website. Hahahaha YOU SPELLED YOUR NAME WRONGLY!!! PLEASE TRY AND CORRECT IT. KUETE YANICK TAMOU, UNIVERSITY OF BUEA.

  13. Kfurwah laura musii says:

    Why are the results taking forever to be released,I mean people are suppose to prepare for their resits.

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