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  1. Rachel ukonu says:

    Hello, plz I wish to find out if UB offers bachelor degree in computer science, I only saw a minor in computer science

  2. Glenn Njinjoh says:

    Double degree program of chemistry and clinical laboratory sciences seems to be offline

  3. Enow says:

    I wish to know the dateline for admission into FET

  4. Fofuleng Felix says:

    Please with biology, mathematics and ICT what can I study

  5. Hicson says:

    Wanna know more information on biochemistry and required subjects that are acceptable

  6. Menyi Achu says:

    I wish to know the date line for registration into M.Sc banking and finance

  7. Menji Belva Nyuykighan says:

    I want to apply for masters in medical microbiology and parasitology. Please please can I get the course content?

  8. Collins says:

    Good evening, please what are the criteria for someone who is having a bachelor degree in civil engineering and intend to do his master’s degree in project management?
    Secondly, I wish to know the duration, fees, and what is required of it with regards to the compilation. Thanks as I will be waiting for your feedback soonest. Thanks

  9. Collins says:

    Good evening, please what are the criteria for someone who is having a bachelor degree in civil engineering and intend to do his master’s degree in project management?

  10. Ngongfor Baldwin Neba says:

    hello greetings please could you help me with inquiries, I am trying to get into the university of Buea and study mechanical engineering.I will be so please if you get back to me soonest thank you

  11. Tambe Krusy says:

    Please I want to do an MBA in project management, I equally want to know the cost, duration and the list of documents required.

  12. Njabi Mirabel Fomukom says:

    Greetings… I am a holder of BSc in geography,please can I take a masters program in agriculture and please which department

  13. Nkwentie Fukoh Basil says:

    I wish to do PhD in Public Health.

  14. Atabonglefac Belta FOTABONG says:

    Good day. i have a bachelor degree in clinical biochemistry with mention assez bien. I wish to ask if it is possible for me to apply for a master of science in biochemistry with the mention assez bien ?

  15. Ngolle Queenta says:

    Please I wish to find out if it’s possible for me to do masters in Educational Foundation and Administrationd under faculty of Education. I have a degree in Educational psychology with second class honour (lower division)

  16. Nkwenti Delphine says:

    I have a masters in nutrition and food science. What can I offer at PHD level?

  17. Selamu Joseph says:

    Please can I get admission to do masters in chemical pathology with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry?

  18. Lucrece says:

    Please may I apply for logistics and /or transport management in my first year?

  19. Agbor says:

    Am from the A-level with this subjects (Geography, Economics, History). what can I really follow up in the university

  20. Ibrahim Alhaji Modu says:

    Good day, please sir, i earned B. Sc. in Education (Economics) with second class lower division from University of Maiduguri, and wish to apply for M. Sc. in Economics. I don’t know if i meet your requirements?

  21. Hilly k says:

    Please can I do masters in public health with Bsc in Zoology and deploma in pharmacy?

  22. Tindatie iden says:

    Please is it late to apply for masters

  23. Tindatie iden says:

    Please i want to apply for Masters in human resource management and wish to know if am not late for the application

  24. Baiyembi says:

    Can I apply for masters in geology in the university of Buea without ordinary level maths

  25. Sakwe Albert says:

    please I want to do agriculture am a new student, what are the admission procedure and what is been required

  26. Tataw murray says:

    Greetings, I wish to know if is possible I apply for the PhD program in management this year, as I hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a professional master’s degree in accounting, audit and control from the university of Yaounde 11

  27. Lingeh njomimeh says:

    Am the holder of BSC in bakery and food processing from coltech University of Bamenda can I offer my masters program under molecular parasitology, microbiology, applied zoology, or fisheries?

  28. Samuel says:

    please in wish to know if project management is offered at the bachelor level. I am a holder of HND in management but wishes to do a bachelor in Project Management

  29. Ekondo Marshall obem says:

    Sir I wish to enroll into the first degree program after my HND in education.i need the requirements & duration.

  30. nchang fri says:

    Pls I have BSc in banking and finance can I do MSc in sociology?

  31. gina obi says:

    Can I apply for for a masters program in guidiance councelling with a B.A in Literatures??

  32. gina obi says:

    plss I wish to know if I can have Bsc in another course and do a masters program in another

  33. Ndimengwi Roland says:

    Can I apply for MSc in project management with a BSc in biochemistry?

  34. Beryl says:

    Pls, I wish to do an MBA in Project management this academic year. What are the admission requirements?

  35. Achuo marviline Ada empo says:

    As a new student reaching to experience the well Known UB in Cameroon which is also known as a place to be, pray God it goes successful.

  36. Flora says:

    Wish to know more about the BA in translation. Thank you

  37. Anye beverly says:

    I wish to know if it’s possible to be admitted for a barchelor degree in accounting using my HND

  38. Hai says:

    If you need help with getting admitted or registered into any degree or program please contact me via whatsapp 657198007

  39. ojong samuel eyong says:

    i just had my Advance level with 3 papers 12 points. I wish to know the possible field of geography that i can apply for


    Please how many points and papers are required to study public administration, political science and history.?? Please need urgent help order for me to know where to apply with my new just gotten “A”level results.

  41. Jini Frankline Nkeh says:

    Greetings. I wish to pursue a PhD in Project Management. I hold a Masters Degree in Project management from Rome Business School and a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Buea. I wish to know whether the department of of project management in UB is welcoming PhD applications for the 2018/2019 academic year.

  42. I am a holder of bachelor degree in telecommunication, and to apply for a master’s program in telecommunication

  43. Loyd Ngumba says:

    nice post

  44. Nyako DEVINE NFOR says:

    I am a holder of bachelor degree in philosophy, and to apply for a master’s program in sociology

  45. Eloise says:

    Would the PhD at law be launched this year?

  46. pouotouo abdel zidane says:

    pls it is urgent… i just had my a-level in bio, phy and math, 3points.. i want to do biology in the university of buea.. would it be possible? pls?

  47. Mohammed Saad says:

    Am a Nigerian I want to apply for my masters degree in French in the university of Buea, how will I do it? And what are the requirements?

  48. wiysenyuy larissa says:

    Am called Wiysenyuy Larissa.I just had my Advanced levels in 3 papers with 4points.I wish to do Journalism in the institution of academic excellence , the University Of Buea.Please i hope to hear from you soon.

  49. Bozeko Joyce Ornella says:

    I just passed my A level with 3papers 4points I wish to study Law

  50. Shiti Fideline says:

    I am a bachelor degree holder from National Polytechnic Bamenda and wants to do a professional masters in medical microbiology and parasitology. plss what are my chances to succeed and how do I go about with the registration process.

  51. EMEH ISRAEL says:

    am a bachelor degree holder in law and political science from the university of Dschang and wish to do masters in administrative law in university of Buea. i wish to know my chances of success

  52. Prince says:

    I just passed my A/level with two papers, 3points and wish to read theater art at the university of buea. I wish to know if I can be admitted. Thanks and hoping for a fast reply

  53. W E Kibong says:

    wish to know if Cameroon Government can give scholarship to her citizens to study in Cameroon universities

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