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  1. Ambe Wilson chenwi says:

    Greetings sir/ madam, please I wish to ask when is the last day of submitting documents?? 🙏

  2. Mila franky says:

    Please have they launch the entrance of FET?

  3. NGAH ROMEO NKEH says:

    Please FET I don’t have mathematics but I’ve got all the other admission requirements is there a means I can sit for the upcoming concours (2021/2022)?

  4. Suh michael che says:

    Please when is the lastest day for
    e submission of files for the faculty of engineering?

  5. Akanga Levi penn says:

    Greetings Sir/Madam
    Am a young cameroonian of age 17yrs am a holder of baccalaureat technique I will love to take part in the competitive entrance examination please accept my request.
    Thank you

  6. Bashirou says:

    Please I wish to ask whether FET OR COT is offering telecommunication In University of buea?

  7. Batchanou princewill says:

    What if you don’t have English language olevel but you got maths and physics both ordinary and advanced level

  8. Pedro Poolo says:

    The Department of Computer Engineering seeks to train students who will be future drivers of the Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T.) revolution in Cameroon, by providing skills which go far beyond the use of computers to the design of computer systems, their implementation in hardware and software and their integration into other systems and technologies. The training is designed to provide a firm foundation for future careers both in ICT-based and non-ICT-based industries. This mission statement ties in with the definition of Computer Engineering by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (I.E.E.E.): “Computer Engineering is a discipline that embodies the science and technology of design, construction, implementation and maintenance of software and hardware components of modern computing systems and computer controlled equipment” IEEE
    By the way!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Djemmeu Wega Rose Céleste says:


  10. Djemmeu Wega Rose Céleste says:


  11. Djemmeu Wega Rose Céleste says:

    18CGE2595 [email protected]


    please where can i check my FET results

  13. nina says:

    Please when the results are released can you let us know by sending us text messages to our phones and also through our email addresses?

  14. Jerome Dingboga sema says:

    Please send my results to my email

  15. Etienne Ramses says:

    please are the results of FET buea not out yet?

  16. Marilyn says:

    Pleaz where and when are writting thé examination in Yaoundé ??

  17. ako says:

    please what are the subjects tested

  18. blezour says:

    pleas when are they writing the entrance exame

  19. leonce says:

    Please in wich place in douala are we support write the fet exam

  20. Zant says:

    What about the results of successful students?

  21. Rawlings says:

    what if you have O level physical math and eng but not a level phy and math?

  22. Etienne says:

    please how is the structure of the exam, e.g like the syllables ,multiple choice or structural ..thanks..

  23. Ebot Banorine Atem says:

    What is the minimum grade for both physics and mathematics And also the deadline for the. Application to be submitted?

  24. DINYUY says:


  25. Kamerpower says:

    Application forms are available at the major Presbook branches, the University of Buea campus and the Regional Delegations of Secondary Education.

    The written part of the examinations will take place on 08 September 2016 in four centres which include Buea, Bamenda, Douala and Yaounde.

    The latest date for application forms to be deposited in one of the distribution points cited above is 07 September 2016.”

  26. joe says:

    what if u dont have o level english language

  27. Ndifoin Caleb Wain says:

    what if i don’t have English and i want to rewrite. can I still apply.

  28. MARIO says:

    ARE WE TO PAY 10000FRS OR 20000FRS

  29. kwo dylan says:

    some students have very good results at advance level but because of english at the o level, they depossed for FET

  30. Sunday eric says:

    I have everything needed ,accept advance level physics. can I write and rewrite the physics

  31. Njoya abdelaziz says:

    Please if a candidate have all what is required but not english language what can he or she do? Is there a possibility of writting the concour and rewrite afterward

  32. Himdoung Ngamo Jules Herve says:

    what of those who wants to enter with the DUT(Diplome universitaire de technologie) … what is required n which year will he find himself

  33. Benjamin tuva says:

    I was equally informed by a lecturer in FET that henceforth FET entrance will be written concour but it seems that is not going to happen.We need answers ohhhh.

  34. when is the latest day for submition???

  35. i got nfo from the FO of FET the entrance into FET will be written concour for the year 2016/2017but that is not what i see here.. What is happening???

  36. Cooolll c est bilingue laba??

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