COLTECH Entrance University of Bamenda 2020-2021


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  1. Ngapna B says:

    Can someone who never studied computer science in high school be admitted to the faculty of software engineering?

  2. Wirkom Christabelle says:

    Please I wish to find out if admission by study of files for HND holders into CULTEC(agribusiness technology) is still going on for 2019-2020 academic year

  3. mbandam says:

    is it possible for an A4 + Ict student study networking in coltech?

  4. Fotoh Titus says:

    I wish to know if you offer masters program in the agriculture and environmental engineering department of Coltech

  5. ATAH devine says:

    I wish to find out if the Masters program for the year 2019 has been launched in water ttresource management

  6. Abdulrahman Umar says:

    Hi I’m having Nigerian national diploma can I be admitted and in which level but I’m Cameroonian by nationality

  7. Andi says:

    Please Wii all this ghost town now ,when will be lastest date to submit

  8. Tiewah desmond says:

    I whish to ask have changed the written date an the requirement

  9. Ngwe chanelle says:

    Please I wish to ask if you can register for food technology without p level maths,but I have a level pure maths

  10. Huguette Marie says:

    I wish to know if you offer masters program in the agriculture and environmental engineering department of Coltech

  11. Mofor Augustine says:

    Please will like to know if the college of technology and department of elecctrical power engineering admit students with HND for degree program.

  12. Ankah Stanley says:

    I wish to know if i can go for the concourse without having a pass in english language since i will be going with computer network and software engineering..and also since i’m in yaounde i don’t know if i can get a note concerning the registration date and writing date..

  13. MIKE says:


  14. Ruzben says:

    Please I want to find out about the entrance I to L3 for the field of agronomy and rural engineering.
    If the communiqué is out and the compilation modalities

  15. Veronique says:

    What about entrying into the third year

  16. fomonyuy albetta says:

    Wish to find out if the masters program in food technology has been launched

  17. Denise says:

    How much is the tuition fee

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