COT Buea Entrance 2023-2024 Concours COLTECH Buea 2023-2024 University of Buea


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31 Responses

  1. Buh Elijah Zih says:

    I’m more confused here. I wish to ask if there is civil engineering in COT Buea and how much can someone pay for, in his/her first year?

  2. Fongwade Manka says:

    Please I want to find out if I can write the entrance without Advance Level Physics

  3. Zita says:

    When will the entrance exams for cot buea 2020-2021 year one students be written

  4. Agokwe Bryan says:

    Please I need the examination centre for COLTECH entrance exam in Yaounde

  5. Odilia mulah says:

    Kindly give us the writing date and composition of application file into cot university of buea.

  6. tah mbong says:

    Pls sir when is the dateline for registration into COT and pls for the requirements and the date of the concour

  7. Ojong Julius Ehem says:

    Greetings sir/Mm,
    I wish to know if I could go in for the FET concour with O/L and A/L physics but have none the languages at the O/L

  8. Laron says:

    I’ll like to ask if there exists any entrance exam for level students with HND to study at COT for their last year, that is level 3

  9. ejue roy campbel anang says:

    Can one apply to both cot and fet?

  10. Silas hungie says:

    Please am interested to study here at college of technology but dont know if i can still register at this time.

  11. Kum kudi says:

    when is the entrance examination. Am confused

  12. Mbonko abdou_azis mbunwe says:

    When is the closing date for registration

  13. sheteh derick says:

    Sir. I wish to ask if someone can can apply in Cot with o level English and write the English exam the university is give…sir I wish to school in your institution and I love to study there…thanks sir and I have been looking for the right website to register for the entrance exam..pls sir help me with the site

  14. sheteh derick says:

    Sir. I wish to ask if someone can xan

  15. Abigail says:

    Is it possible to be a student at COT as an Arts student who did math and ICT

  16. Nuvi says:

    Sir is it possible to write when you failed ordinary level maths but had physics and english

  17. Ngole says:

    Please sir how can I get past questions for COT entrance exam

  18. Njungwi clarisse says:

    Pls sir can one get past questions of the entrance to COT university of Buea online?

  19. Nkwessi best says:

    please sir fill someone did not pass English language in ordinary level can it be possible for him to write the competitive exam of COT Buea?

  20. Jude says:

    Sir pleas is it possible to write the entrance exam(COT) in Yaoundé meanwhile you apply to write in bamenda?

  21. Fombang Lesley says:

    How can I apply to write the competitive exam into the third or final year in COT Buea

  22. pavingNen says: – брусчатка в Нижнем Новгороде – подробнее на сайте –

  23. Otang Thierry Otang says:

    Please how can I get past questions of the COT Concour

  24. ngange says:

    past questions in forestry. TEF in english



  26. Berry says:

    Wish to find out if the oral for General Administration results are out

  27. Bolabo Augustine says:

    Please for list of undergraduate in faculty of College Of Technology buea(COT) this year

  28. yesh says:

    Takx too long wt the study of files stuff

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