ENAM Anglophone concours Cameroon 2022: 30 student Court Registrars


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27 Responses

  1. Lochang Brenda says:

    Pls I wish to know where I can deposit the files for the concour of court reytgistrar

  2. Njietube Ewonge Brilliant says:

    A holder of A-level(econs,geo,maths) and HND in business management.. really interested.

  3. Kowamu Mireille says:

    Good day sir, I’m interested in the concours, I wish to know if the limited date has passed or probably when it’s coming up again.thanks and waiting for your reply.

  4. Ndungafac Rosavin says:

    Please sir I wish to know when registration in to the Court registra entrance competition will commence and the requirements.


    Good evening sir please I wish to know the program for the examination,I need the time table thanks sir,I’m grateful


    Sir I’m interested in the concour and wish to know what the requirements are and how much I will be spending. Thanks

  7. Tambe marie-fernanda eroh says:

    Please sir,I am so interested in this concour and also wish to know when it will be launched

  8. Bibiana verlonji says:

    Thanks so much for the update.
    Where can one get past questions

  9. Ngwenta Angele says:

    Good morning sir I wish to know the list of documents required for the special enam court registrars

  10. Anye Marie-Noela zee says:

    Good morning sir! I am interested in this examination and I wish to know the required documents and they are to be deposited. And probably the deadline. Thanks as I pend your positive response

  11. Neba Berlin says:

    Please sir I’m interested and wish to know the latest date for the court registrar competitive examination

  12. Kongnso ethel says:

    Good morning sir,please am interested in court registrar and wish to know where I can submit my documents

  13. Nfor faith mundang says:

    Please I will need an update on any concour that is out

  14. Gwana Melanie manda says:

    Please am interested and wish to know more about the concourse

  15. Mbah Milton says:

    Please I wish to know when I will be launch and the syllables for preparation

  16. Tinwun Simon Gaelle says:

    Good morning Sir,
    Please I wish to know when registration will begin and how much.

  17. Tata Elaine nehlackfeyin says:

    Sir, I wish to know how much is needed to register for the exam

  18. Ngoupeyou Tankeu judithflore says:

    Greetings please I wish to know when will registration begins and the latest date to register thanks…

  19. Abeza claris says:

    Hi sir,please I wish to know when will registrations begin.Thanks

  20. Kosha Miriam yesa says:

    Am interested and wish to know when registration would begin. Am a holder of a degree in political science from the University of Bamenda.

  21. Ambe Wilta Bihnwi says:

    please I wish to know the latest date to register for the court registrar competitive examination of 2019/2020

  22. Mbockaya Bertille arrey says:

    Hello please wish to know when the results for the 30 court registrars of English expression will be out

  23. Chesami Rita says:

    Good day..Pls I wish to fi d out if results for Anglophone enam( 30 students court registrars) havebeen released

  24. Tanyu Elizabeth Nadbu says:

    Please I need the list of those going in for court registrar this Saturday 23 June 2018

  25. Lang sheila says:

    please i need a website to check the results of of the 30 court registrars recruitment of anglophones. I am one of the candidate that wrote the exam and i heard the results is out.

  26. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! :) pj46m

  27. Koyioh happiness says:

    Pleased i wish to Know thé lastest day of enam registration

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