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Entrance Exam FMSP of the University of Dschang 2019-2020: first year Biomedical Sciences

Article 2: The_examination syllabuses are those of Terminal level series D or Upper Sixth in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The examination includes:

  • A study of academic record (marked on 20, that is coefficient 1). 
  • Written tests (marked on 100, that is coefficient 5).

(1) The study of academic record is based on

  • “Probatoire” or GCE/OL transcripts,
  • “Baccalauréat” or GCE/AL results,
  • The number of times the candidate repeated classes.

(2) The written papers, are made up of multiple-choice questions and set for three hours, and include the following:

  • A paper of Biology ( 50 marks)
  • A paper of Chemistry (25 marks). 
  • A paper of Physics (25 marks).

Article 3: If successful, candidates awaiting results of the required diploma will be declared admitted only upon presentation of the Original certificate or the success testimonial wherever applicable.

Registration shall be done online at the University of Dschang website www.univ-dschang.org or the platform http://sidesonline.univ-dschang.org.

Article 4: – The application file shall comprise the following:

  • An application form downloaded from the University of Dschang website www.univ-dschang.org or from the platfo rm http://sigesonline.univ-dschang.org The completed form shall be printed, stamped at 1 000 francs and be signed by the candidate.
  • A receipt of payment of registration fees.
  • A certified true photocopy of birth certificate (issued not more than 3 months earlier).
  • A certified true photocopy of the GCE/AL certificate or “Baccalauréat” in science, or any equivalent certificate; or a certified copy of results slip.
  • Certified true photocopies of “Probatoire” and “Baccalauréat”, or GCE/OL and GCE/AL transcripts or a certified photocopy.
  • A medical certificate signed by a Public service Medical Practitioner attesting the abilities of the candidate to pursue studies in biomedical sciences.
  • 4 passport size photographs (4×4).
  • A large (A4 size) self-addressed envelope stamped at 400F CFA.

Article 5: Candidates must not be more than twenty-three (23) years old as on the 1 st October 2019. 

Article 6: The registration fees for the entrance examination are twenty thousand (20 000) Francs CFA payable upon presentation of a downloaded payment slip, at the authorized financial institution chosen during the online application procedure. The registration fees are used to cover charges pertaining to the organisation of the examination, are not refundable. 

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