ESSEC Entrance of the University of Douala 2017-2018: Admission of 225 students 1st year DEPA

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4 Responses

  1. Aliyu Abdulhadi says:

    I’m muslum i like phamacy in this university

  2. ndangoh harriet says:

    good day sir/mme, please i wish to find out if there is still space for masters students into the faculty of humanities and social sciences . Thanks

  3. Baimbo Emmanuel says:

    Sir/Madam: I Wish To Ask If ESSEC Of The University Of Douala Is A Direct Employment Exam After Graduation Of Candidate?

  4. Atah haviless says:

    Greetings sir/madam please I wish to know if after garduation from ESSEC Douala are you recognised by the government as a civil servant ?. ( is ESSEC Douala a government concou?)

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