How To Play Roblox On School Chromebook When Blocked 2023


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  1. joe says:

    mathsspot .com press enter after

  2. sonic says:

    i type in roblox and it blocks STOP BLOCKING EVERY SINGLE THING SCHOOL!!!!

  3. jaden says:

    the best

  4. Ashley says:

    unblock roblox like why block it

  5. Allison says:

    ok thanks

  6. Velktorn says:

    Most schools block VPN’s, even if they didn’t, who is gonna pay for a VPN just to maybe be able to play games.

  7. kevin says:

    plz plz

  8. Jake Thompson says:

    Jake Thompson

  9. A +T says:


  10. Akasha says:

    school is not good and I don’t like it i just want to play roblox with my friends!!!!

  11. Akasha says:

    I did have a website called “skool” on github and the school blocked it and now I’m so mad!

  12. Elianna Martinez says:

    how do i just play roblox
    i love nathan A

  13. Stupid says:

    Okay. I wish my school would stop blocking every little thing!

  14. Kwenmefaap says:


  15. games3badman says:

    i want roblx . angry face

  16. cool boy says:

    cool can someone give me a link to an unblock game

  17. Ali Hughes says:


  18. yoyo says:

    how good

  19. Cynthia says:

    I’m trying not get blocked let me play roblox

  20. jacob peres says:

    i love roblox

  21. robly says:

    i want roblox pls!

  22. Genecis says:

    I love playing roblox

  23. honesty says:

    i love roblox if you wanna add me its xxsadvibes00

  24. miya says:

    bruh i need roblox!!!! im going to go crazy without it i miss mah friends bro school is a pos I don’t like it i cant wait for summer to come!!… so i can say bye u pos school. UNBLOCK ROBLOX UNBLOCK ROBLOX!!!!

  25. azjon says:


  26. monk says:


  27. HEAVENLEIGH says:


  28. sus says:


  29. Aiden franovich says:

    hi am Aiden franovich

  30. dabiency.medilien says:

    Can one of you can help me sign in to roblox on a computer that is blocked. What should i do?

  31. ian says:

    school isn’t good with goguardian

  32. gfh says:

    does anybody have a eebsite for roblox

  33. alex says:

    I don’t know vpn.

  34. Landin says:

    Guys Roblox mite be blocked and snokido mite blocked but go to snokido feedreder and not blcked

  35. Landin says:

    school block google play and now. gg

  36. yourball says:


  37. Teaghan naomi harrington says:

    its bocked an i was gonna play but i cant :[

  38. JUNIOR says:

    school is so n_sty they block roblox now I need vpn😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 school is a piece of a sh_t am so freacking tired of school😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

    • Nara says:

      They firewall the VPNs anyway so you wont even get access to that unless you have a carefree school district (or you can go onto admin mode but that can be blocked too)

  39. hannnnah says:

    bro I don’t like how my school blocks all the fun games -_-

  40. Jude Dugas says:

    It’s been 2 hours without roblox. I have resorted to going outside for entertainment. I went back inside immediately as I refused to touch grass. I feel like I’m losing my mind. It’s been 3 years since I changed my underwear or took a bath. Send help, I need bospocks back.

  41. amal says:

    thats good but im 9 years old

  42. Avery from school says:

    We all need roblox im about to go crazy!!!!

  43. carolyn says:

    i love roblox so much

  44. serenitie says:

    l like obes on roblox

    • dabiency.medilien says:

      can one of you can help me sign in to roblox on a computer that is blocked. What should i do?

    • chase says:

      i know how to get back in

    • avery from school2 says:


  45. Ryan says:


  46. Ryan says:

    How cant i get on Roblox

  47. cicero martin says:

    roblox is just right for kids PLSSS LET ME PLAY

    • JUNIOR says:

      mois aussi laisser moi de jouer

      yeah me too let me play😔😔😔😔😔😔😤😤😤😤😤

  48. Walter White says:

    bro there is nothing to play :( pls i need boblox

  49. kefftty says:

    help me play roblox

  50. salma says:


  51. nachobusiness says:

    you guys are funny

  52. hehe says:

    we need roblox or im burning my house down

  53. jonaika cine says:

    i want to play roblox

  54. levi says:

    i need it pls

  55. xavier says:

    i love roblox so much it so cazy

  56. Mason says:

    help me out

  57. takai says:

    hlap me get on rolbox pls

  58. Larxce says:

    pls lemme play roblox

  59. Patrick Ortiz Torvilli says:

    hellp me

  60. Patrick Ortiz Torvilli says:


  61. Jaquan says:

    roblox roblox is good for kids

  62. elijah says:

    i need roblox

  63. Gerger says:

    If yall like roblox, losers LMAO

    • Patrick Ortiz Torvilli says:

      come on bro roblox is not for losers

  64. Kendrick mcCarn says:


  65. Gavin says:

    BRO I AM TOOOOO!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  66. rayna says:

    i want to play roblox’s

  67. kim says:

    did not under stand some

  68. daniyah says:

    i need roblox

  69. Cartney says:

    Please I need Roblox!

  70. jn says:

    Bro totally roblox unblocked

  71. Amia says:

    i need it so much

  72. AMIA says:

    i love it

  73. gracie burton says:

    I love roblox and it is fun for kids

  74. Noomi says:


  75. Alison Espinoza says:

    help me play roblox please

  76. Jaiedis Reynolds says:

    i love roblox so much i play it all the time with my siblings.

  77. jaida says:

    robox i need u

  78. jaida says:

    robox pllsss

  79. musab says:

    i love rolbox

  80. Drae says:


  81. daniel williams says:


  82. jeff says:

    i need roblox

  83. Bailey says:


  84. jazzlynn says:

    roblox is ok but can gat boring

    • Noomi says:

      you mean get boring and also roblox is the best game that anyone can play it

  85. peter says:

    i want to be roblox becuase i want to play it.

  86. Max says:

    i love roblox

  87. jordyn says:

    i love you roblox

  88. Sydney Dolese says:


  89. tereza says:

    i love roblox

  90. tereza says:

    i love roblox becus you can git monee

  91. tabitha Bowman says:

    pls let me play roblox so i can play with meh friends because my mom wont let me on roblox on the phone

  92. jj says:

    me too

  93. sebastian says:

    I need roblox

  94. jayden says:


  95. Zachary says:

    i love roblox

  96. jenifer says:


    • Junior says:

      Hey can i call u jen jen u sound cool can i add u on roblox

  97. MILAN says:


  98. Big Man T says:

    Its Harley mansell i just wanna get sum robux pls dontate!! XD

    p.s im a furry

  99. Tony says:

    thank you

  100. jaleea says:

    idk how to get on it

  101. gemma says:


  102. songam says:

    roblox plz give me robux too

  103. Italia says:

    Why do they have to block it!!!!! I just want to play roblox but the computer blocks it when i get in the website on my School Cromebook

    • Logan says:

      I know right!! I wish I could play at school at free time!

  104. layla says:

    my roblox account is not working

  105. angel says:

    a know how to downold roblox

  106. jaydah says:


  107. jeremiah says:

    cool website

  108. ahlam says:


  109. jeremiah says:


  110. Lia says:

    They blocked the webstore too :P

  111. roblox says:

    telling how to play roblox i will tell if send 1$ on cashapp

    • noah says:

      hey uhh i cant get roblox on my school chromebook can you help me

  112. lily says:


  113. Dsanchez says:

    I want to play rblox

  114. James says:


  115. mgaspie says:

    how do you play a game because it will say Download and Install roblox or click here for help

  116. layla123 says:

    hi ti’s layla12X make sure you fowllow me on robolx.

  117. alpha says:

    guys theres a site called intoabyss. org

  118. sophia says:

    i rilley want to play roadblox

  119. Chace says:

    unblock roblox

  120. king says:

    sup i went roblox unblock on school laptop 2022

    • roblox says:

      telling how to play roblox i will tell if send 1$ on cashapp

  121. Roblox says:

    It would be best if you weren’t doing this continue and I will contact the police.

  122. Chelsea says:

    Bro i want to play roblox so bad but my now. gg is like literally broken!!! IT WONT LOAD! and my internet is fine

  123. thomas says:

    i need 38M Roblox my Roblox Accton is susthomasyes

  124. adanreynoso says:

    how do you get roblox

  125. Clare says:

    Please unblock :( I am bored

  126. gham says:


  127. ayisha says:

    how to play roblox on school chomebook

  128. JJ WII says:

    can i play roblox by switching acc bc idk how to make a new acc.

  129. Nan says:


  130. ryan stilley says:

    me too hi mia

  131. ieatcrayons says:

    school s it needs roblox

  132. Drevonwoodrow says:

    dude what sre you guys doing

  133. shariah Wilson says:

    i wish i can play roblox rn

  134. roshadd says:


  135. kaityn says:


  136. Silas says:

    It won’t let me download roblox!!!!!! ;(

    • demarcus cousins the third says:

      whyd did you block roblox from computer brooooo this is crazy for real

    • demarcus cousins the third says:

      why did you block roblox from computer brooooo this is crazy for real. crazy how global warming is killing a lot of polar bears right now and its just sad to be honest and like how people are making society so bad and the people tat are trying to save it are just getting disagreed wit like bruh

    • demarcus cousins the third says:

      I’m gotta get expelled but i wanna just play some roblox before I do because roblox is very fun

    • l says:


  137. Todd Brandy lyda says:

    i need roblox so i’m not bored
    at school

  138. nina says:

    it is restricted

  139. arthur says:

    let us play roblox

  140. madalynn says:

    not sure how to get in without installing it or without it being blocked are there more options because I would like to play it without it being blocked?

  141. natalie says:

    hi Mia

  142. . says:

    my little sister broke both of my devices and now i can’t play roblox

  143. jakpull986 says:

    pls i want play bedwars

  144. Darian says:

    please let me play roblox

  145. broom says:

    i dont see turn on sign

  146. edwin says:


  147. karson says:

    I need roblox add school help

  148. kimberly says:

    we all like roblox so much

  149. kimberly says:

    hi hi i love roblox

  150. SCHOOL says:

    i cant play roblox because they blocked all apps i cant go on no apps i wont to play roblox so bad but they blocked all apps how we gon to play roblox they blocked every app in this school do not go to this school its could prepnet virtual academy do not go to tis school its so bad you cant play roblox

  151. Jacob says:

    i wish i can play roblox what is it like anyway i will let you get back to roblox bye

  152. bob says:


  153. Isabelle Pratt says:

    to let me play

  154. mya says:

    It works.

    • JAKE says:

      i cant play roblox because they blocked all apps i cant go on no apps i wont to play roblox so bad but they blocked all apps how we gon to play roblox they blocked every app in this school do not go to this school its could prepnet virtual academy do not go to tis school its so bad you cant play roblox

    • JAKE says:

      you know thats cap you know roblox dont work

    • Lillian T Kiggans says:


    • Lily says:


  155. Monika says:

    i tried every app for roblox it bloked what other app are there

  156. Dzani says:

    Who else will I do who loves Roblox I do I love Roblox no one else love it like I do

  157. Dzani says:

    i love Roblox it is epic I cannot go a day without Robux

  158. Dzani says:


  159. shayla says:

    roblox is the best

  160. levi says:

    i love to play games

  161. chevy says:

    Why is roblox not working

  162. Jerry says:

    i love roblox and i want to play it and it is the only game i can play and i played it when i was 3 yeas old

  163. emery says:

    bro roblox dosent work on now .gg they blocked almost every thing on google

  164. ali says:

    does not work cant download it is blocked nord vpn

  165. sophia says:

    i need roblox for when i’m bored in school but the bad thing is its blocked i tried gg now but its blocked pls show me how or do something pls

  166. Eric Jones says:

    i have google play store but it wont let me download nord vpn bruh

  167. lu says:

    bro my school blocks everything but i use roblox now gg, they are the only unlockes web that my schools didnt blocked yet

  168. Aaliyah says:

    this is the roblox game that should be unbloked for all people

  169. mckayal says:

    i need it now

  170. EMMANUEL says:


  171. MEEEEEEEEE says:

    This is sooooooooooooooo annoaing like can i just play my games like god

  172. remi says:

    i hate firewalls you better find a way to unblock it at school

  173. james says:

    what if your a greenville county student and it blocks amolt every thing playstore vpns proxy

  174. Joe ALVAREZ says:

    I want to play Roblox rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Joe ALVAREZ says:


  176. GRAVY says:

    roblox where?

  177. GRAVY says:


  178. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Its annoying asf

  179. zoey says:

    i’m so mad i got my hopes up because i thought that i could actually play roblox but noooo my school can’t even do that

  180. Lee says:

    i can’t find any ways to play roblox on a chromebook some of those are blocked by my school

  181. Isalia says:

    My school blocks EVERY THING. Someone help, I wanna play roblox!

  182. matthew says:

    i want to play roblox

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