How To Unblock Websites On School Chromebook 2022 | Access blocked websites


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37 Responses

  1. Serae says:

    broooo sum of my stuff are block tooo bruh🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  2. Tay says:

    how i unblock all apps

  3. leticia says:

    dam i hate that

  4. gacha COOLER says:

    broo so true like schools block everything i really wanted to play some roblox bruh

  5. Space says:

    DUDE I can’t do NOTHING on my chromebook 1 moment you find a new app that’s unblocked the next moment it is blocked, time a found an unblocked that was unblocked and 5 minutes later it was blocked because the IT is such a hacker.

  6. jayden says:

    Yeah I Know coolmath games has been blocked since 2021 which was six grade for me im in 8th grade now.

  7. HUHUIGB says:

    Like fr how do they block everything so fast, like you get a actually working thing and then they block it like 5 days l8r. Like fr bro.

  8. student says:

    fr cant even no nun but watch big videos i cant even play gg. roblox bc the teacher found out gg. nothing

    • Kaz says:

      bro I used to use that website but its blocked here. vpn is also blocked. If you even type the name of a game it says blocked because its considered as a game or entertainment.

  9. Winter Rose says:

    My school lets use use phones

  10. nye says:

    my school blocked the word vpn on my chromebook, how tf am i gna play games now n watch netflix

  11. jason says:

    guys just use bcps digital content and scroll down and click YouTube

  12. jazz saout says:

    Bro for real people mad trying to get unblocked websites. Like why not get a regular macbook with your money XD. Little kids still complaning even if they get a free chrombook to use.

    • love anderson says:


    • Lil bob says:

      I cant bring a macbook to school

    • lol says:

      My school blocked the key word “unblock” and legit any other way to bypass the word (unbl0ck, un*block, unb!ock) 💀

  13. yousef says:

    i hate they block everything i wanna play games

  14. ken says:

    bruh fr my techer blocked coolmath games like wth

    • Jesus Christ says:

      If yall can get money get a flash drive, And download a proxy and plug it in to a god damn chromebook yall -_-

  15. vinceno rome says:

    exactly what i’m saying.

  16. Lucas fray says:

    at this point i’m gonna protest on teachers blocking websites. the only thing they need to block is adult content like ph. what the hell is wrong with tiktok, instagram, and other websites like roblox that are just for fun. School system is so annoying

    • Winter Rose says:

      They are trying to protect you from possible human trafficking. Be thankful.

  17. Lucas fray says:

    sign the petition here to fire every teacher that thinks blocking websites are valid. bored as hell without my phone and I can’t access anything but youtube. so lame

  18. coconut goi says:

    I can’t even read wattpad or anything and most of the websites you put to unblock it are also blocked. L website

    • Autumn says:

      frl like that’s the whole reason me and my friends be tryna unblock the websites

  19. kiki says:

    how am i supposed to read wattpad bro

  20. max says:

    i need roll app primeum

  21. Zaida ostrander says:

    My RollApp is blocked and i’m grounded I need to text people!!!!!! Lmao

  22. Keyhona says:

    I can’t get on my apps helps me

  23. Emi says:

    I need to get all apps unblocked because why not.

  24. jayce says:

    please unblock youtube

  25. Olivia says:

    My collage board wont show up, what do I do.

  26. Adianna Barney says:

    I can’t get on netflix hulu showtime or games

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