How To Unblock Websites On School Chromebook 2023 | Access blocked websites


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197 Responses

  1. CG says:

    unblocked games

  2. siena says:

    i need snapchat and my school usees linewise

  3. yasten says:

    pls help i want to wach youtube at scholl

  4. hasbulla699 says:

    wass good

  5. Jude says:

    I just need a proxy to be unblocked so that I can get a VPN. My school uses Linewize and it has everything blocked and some methods of unblocking are proving unhelpful. Thank you for your site

  6. Gaguin2k says:

    My school is blocked

  7. Isaac says:

    i need gethub but sadly it’s blocked

  8. thoms says:

    plz help they blocked the stuff to do the things to unblock sites

  9. Kaylo says:

    Please do instagram

  10. Faith says:

    can you help me unblock instagram my school uses gopher to block

  11. emma says:

    i need rbx

  12. jahmeia says:

    oh and plus sadly my school blocked roblox can you unblock it for me

  13. jahmeia says:

    can you unblock roblox for me

  14. Amjad says:

    free games

  15. Jeff says:

    unblock rockret bot royal

  16. Nullmino says:

    My school blocked all Roblox sadly

  17. Destry Yeager says:

    i want to play krunker .io

  18. jonny says:

    can you unblock mincraft

  19. william says:

    i need to unbloked tiktok

  20. kaley says:

    can you make me a proxy for my chomebook plz i want to get on discord

  21. Skz says:

    I need to unblock Instagram like-

  22. Mcdond roblox says:

    unbloke youtube

  23. joeli says:

    can u make me a free proxy for me to search on

  24. IDK says:


  25. Jackson says:

    I want to unblock games

  26. marvin says:

    i wont to play every game

  27. kelsey lockwood says:

    hi there i want help with google it wont let me to get on nothing

  28. orianya says:

    I’m trying to unblock youtube on my chromebook for a assignment can you help me

    • Riley says:

      You can’t unblock it with your account you have to get into you school administrator account then you can unblock the website from there.

      • niyabrown says:

        can you help me unblovked twitter

  29. Michael says:

    I’m trying to get on YouTube but it’s blocked I really want to watch YouTube on my Chromebook

  30. emmett says:


  31. terriona says:

    instagram is blocked

  32. fei says:

    how can i get roblox unblocked?

  33. kai says:

    anyway to get discord unblocked?

  34. Keyaan Samnani says:

    How do I unblock Roblox on my Chomebook?

  35. kamila says:

    how to unblocked instagram

  36. parker says:

    youtube is not blocked at kutztown

  37. chase irl says:

    i wanna use Pinterest, alos log out of your clever acc to use yt.

  38. Isabella says:

    how do you unblock pinterest on a school computer?

  39. Deen Hakimi says:

    I don’t Know how to unblock Youtube

  40. David/Trey Taylor says:

    youtube is blocked

  41. Loubug says:

    how do i unblock movie websites on chromebook.

  42. dd says:

    how to get roblox

  43. sara says:

    Everything is blocked

  44. me says:

    how do i go on instagram

  45. Kellie says:

    How do I go live on the school computer ummm?

  46. Kitty says:

    i wanna play roblox

  47. jamari says:

    how to get Instagram on a school chrome book while its blocked

  48. jamari says:

    how to get Instagram

  49. Chad says:

    I want to play every thing

  50. juan says:

    i whant to play every thing

  51. genesis says:

    i want to paly.

  52. Sidney says:

    Where is the brackets?

  53. marcos says:

    I need this

  54. Bill Bush says:

    yoyo give me poki bacck

  55. michael says:

    Michael hewes

  56. Tala says:

    I wanna unblock Discord lol

  57. hanna jennings says:

    Hanna jennings

  58. jaxsen says:

    how to get snap

  59. Connor says:

    No bracket on roll app ):<

    • zaniyah says:

      yes there is , you have to click the home bottom the it should say 370+ apps if im verfie no mistaken. then you type in brackets it going to ask you toa email but that easy then your all set

  60. emma says:


  61. Jacee says:

    nah fr i got my phone tooken an im trynna have all things dats blocked unblocked bc i needa text my frens fr fr

  62. Adiel says:

    MAybe this will work on your school computers but do this go to chrome://settings/sign0ut than press the accept thing then go to chrome://restart then it will work

  63. Nathan says:

    Yah same I no can find Bracket

  64. Robert says:

    My Website Are Blocked I dont know how to unblock

  65. hamdia amin says:

    I want to play roblox

  66. daynis says:

    i what want roblox on here

  67. Kaylin says:

    Questioncove. com was blocked

  68. Kaylee says:

    Questioncove . com was blocked for no reason

  69. Girl1832 says:

    I A M VERY VERY MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  70. khaleel says:

    i needed to find something called rollapp and it said, “scroll untill you see braket” but i can’t find that.

  71. pietro says:

    i wont youtube and tiktok

  72. Alaska says:

    I’m lowkey tryna unblock websites because I’m tryna research about my dad during school since I have nothing at home and because my dad was involved with a lot of gang violence, obviously it’s gonna be blocked.

    • Tylerrollins says:

      theynake it seem like getting a vpn on school computer is so easy oml like
      tdottj2x on IG

  73. Jacob Spencer says:


  74. nina says:

    how do i unblock meetyou. me on my school chrome book

  75. jiang says:

    how to unblock roblox? plsss

  76. Charity says:

    They didn’t start blocking websites until I used s__x apps on the school chromebook and met up with someone. I instantly regretted it and ended up backing out but it was too late because police officers showed up to my house and confiscated it.

    • silas says:

      srry dude i feel bad for you

    • rose says:

      dude i feel so bad for u, its not even that big of a deal it shud prolly be u and an IT guy meeting together thats it and so embarrassing

    • Roach says:


  77. Abby says:

    Real reason on how to unblock snapchat and all those blocked apps.

  78. luciii says:

    how do i unblock snapchat

  79. Anna says:

    how do you ublock instagram

  80. Dillan says:

    unblock geogebra please

  81. harleigh says:

    bruh unblocked youtube and snapchat on my chromebook

  82. kamiya says:

    how to bypass a school computer

  83. Nyx says:

    how do i unblock discord when the organization blocked all settings

  84. toshare27 says:

    i hate securly so much plz send heeeeeeelpppp

  85. Abigail Pineda says:

    unblock instagram & youtube bruh

  86. kirbo says:

    nice boy

  87. Ethan says:

    Retrobowl. me
    Schoolislame. cf

  88. andres says:


  89. Landon says:

    I don’t like school

  90. Josiah says:


  91. ppoo2242 says:

    does anyone know my school block twitter or whatsapp

  92. Karma says:

    Can someone help me unblock goodreads

  93. ray says:

    school crome books are so annyyoing

  94. Josh says:

    Unblock FNF

  95. ava says:


  96. Adonis says:


  97. luke says:

    bro giggl got banned

  98. mcsdgas says:

    unblock xbox app

  99. julian says:

    I know bro this is so annoying i can’t do anything because of my dumbass school

    • juju says:

      same bro my school blocks evrything

      • Preston says:

        DUDE mine too its stupid cant get a fivem cad BrUH

    • watno says:

      My school literally blocks anything, but try e. Maya. se that wasn’t blocked for my school’s chromebook til a few weeks ago.

  100. hueida says:

    my school dosent block facebook,pinterest,twitter,tumblr, but it blocks games like cool math games and nation states. only games i can go on is abcya.

  101. HuHer says:

    my school dosent block facebook,pinterest,twitter,tumblr, but it blocks games like “cool math games” and “nation states”.

  102. hui says:

    my dreams are crushed becuz of “CustoM BLoCk lisT”

  103. Nevaeh says:

    i wanna be able to get on insta unblock my chromebook plss

  104. lol says:

    who knows a website to get to snapchat

  105. Random Helper says:

    Here is to unblock into Discord.
    1,Go to Settings click Privacy and Security.
    2. Click Securitys
    3.Scrool down and click Manage Certificates
    4. Click Authorities
    5. At this Point you need to find Wat your school uses to block things
    6.Then click on the right of it to see more of it
    7. Click the 3 dots on it, click edit
    8. Take of the Check mark that is there where it says “Trust this certificate” or something
    That is aobut it to get to discord, tiktok, and reddit
    Note: Some of your school apps might not work while doin so, so to go back and fix it you just have to go back and add the check mark back into the one you clicked on ( Sounds complicated but really is not after you get used to it) This is not gauranteed to work but usually works on Lenovo, Hp, and Samsung School COmputers)

  106. A-very says:

    just unblock my chromebook please pleaseee!!!

  107. nolla says:


  108. unknown says:

    unblock my stuff bro i cant stand havin’ free time and not bein’ able to play games bruh

  109. tj says:

    how do get to google

  110. deez says:

    bro hellp meeeee

  111. tae says:

    unblock my cromebook

  112. robey says:

    whos knows a website to get on instgram

  113. Cucumber water says:

    broo my school blocks like everything istg its so annoying

  114. Brayden dutcher says:

    i just want to listen to my music on soundcloud but the school decided to unblock spotify and block soundcloud

  115. Jesse says:

    crazy games

  116. Serae says:

    broooo sum of my stuff are block tooo bruh🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  117. Tay says:

    how i unblock all apps

  118. leticia says:

    dam i hate that

  119. gacha COOLER says:

    broo so true like schools block everything i really wanted to play some roblox bruh

    • fortnite says:

      bru in so mad i whant to play fortnite

    • ethan says:


    • amy says:

      help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i need to watch youtube and stuff like that

    • Abby says:

      Why they gotta block almost errythang on da hromebook honestly I just wanna access discord.

    • Madisyn says:

      i used to use now .gg now i cant eve use it all thanks to my school they installed “GoGuardian” and i am trying to bypass it now, lord help me im also tryna play roblox on my computer. Kids will always find a way to play roblox, listen to music, and just find out how to do anyting in general XD, good luck everyone

  120. Space says:

    DUDE I can’t do NOTHING on my chromebook 1 moment you find a new app that’s unblocked the next moment it is blocked, time a found an unblocked that was unblocked and 5 minutes later it was blocked because the IT is such a hacker.

  121. jayden says:

    Yeah I Know coolmath games has been blocked since 2021 which was six grade for me im in 8th grade now.

    • AE says:

      omg i remember when they blocked it at my school everyone got outraged and they got scared so they unblocked it lol

  122. HUHUIGB says:

    Like fr how do they block everything so fast, like you get a actually working thing and then they block it like 5 days l8r. Like fr bro.

    • AE says:

      dont ever bookmark anything, its easier for them to find it than your history. and possibly spam your history with dumb stuff after using one of the sites. usuaally makes the site work for possibly months!

  123. student says:

    fr cant even no nun but watch big videos i cant even play gg. roblox bc the teacher found out gg. nothing

    • Kaz says:

      bro I used to use that website but its blocked here. vpn is also blocked. If you even type the name of a game it says blocked because its considered as a game or entertainment.

  124. Winter Rose says:

    My school lets use use phones

  125. nye says:

    my school blocked the word vpn on my chromebook, how tf am i gna play games now n watch netflix

  126. jason says:

    guys just use bcps digital content and scroll down and click YouTube

  127. jazz saout says:

    Bro for real people mad trying to get unblocked websites. Like why not get a regular macbook with your money XD. Little kids still complaning even if they get a free chrombook to use.

    • love anderson says:


    • Lil bob says:

      I cant bring a macbook to school

    • lol says:

      My school blocked the key word “unblock” and legit any other way to bypass the word (unbl0ck, un*block, unb!ock) 💀

      • AE says:

        unbbl ock works, and a word then no space p then space roxy (like “schoolp roxy”)

  128. yousef says:

    i hate they block everything i wanna play games

  129. ken says:

    bruh fr my techer blocked coolmath games like wth

    • Jesus Christ says:

      If yall can get money get a flash drive, And download a proxy and plug it in to a god damn chromebook yall -_-

      • AE says:

        my chromebook doesn’t let me install anything other than images and videos. also, if it recognises a weird file it alerts the school

  130. vinceno rome says:

    exactly what i’m saying.

  131. Lucas fray says:

    at this point i’m gonna protest on teachers blocking websites. the only thing they need to block is adult content like ph. what the hell is wrong with tiktok, instagram, and other websites like roblox that are just for fun. School system is so annoying

    • Winter Rose says:

      They are trying to protect you from possible human trafficking. Be thankful.

  132. Lucas fray says:

    sign the petition here to fire every teacher that thinks blocking websites are valid. bored as hell without my phone and I can’t access anything but youtube. so lame

  133. coconut goi says:

    I can’t even read wattpad or anything and most of the websites you put to unblock it are also blocked. L website

    • Autumn says:

      frl like that’s the whole reason me and my friends be tryna unblock the websites

  134. kiki says:

    how am i supposed to read wattpad bro

  135. max says:

    i need roll app primeum

    • HuHer says:

      my school dosent block Facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr, but it blocks games like “cool math games” and “nation states”.

  136. Zaida ostrander says:

    My RollApp is blocked and i’m grounded I need to text people!!!!!! Lmao

  137. Keyhona says:

    I can’t get on my apps helps me

  138. Emi says:

    I need to get all apps unblocked because why not.

  139. jayce says:

    please unblock youtube

  140. Olivia says:

    My collage board wont show up, what do I do.

  141. Adianna Barney says:

    I can’t get on netflix hulu showtime or games

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