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HTTTC ENSET Bambili Entrance 2019-2020 3rd Year First Cycle University of Bamenda HTTTC Concours 2019-2020 Cameroon

Mindful of the Constitution.
Mindful of law no 005 of 16 April 2001 bearing on the orientation of Higher Education.
Mindful of decree no 93/026 of 19th January, 1993 to set up Universities.
Mindful of decree no 93/027 of 19th January, 1993 fixing Common dispositions in State Universities. 
Mindful of decree no 2010/371 of 14th December, 2010 creating the University of Bamenda.
Mindful of decree no 2010/372 of 14th December, 2010 upgrading ENSAB into Higher Teacher
Training College (HTTC ENS) and Higher Technical Teacher Training College (HTTTC ENSET).
Mindful of decree no 2011/045 of 08th March, 2011 to organise the University of Bamenda Bambili;
Mindful of decree no 2011/319 of 3oth September2011 appointing the Vice Chancellor of the University of Bamenda.
Minfful of decree no 2011/408 Of December 9th, 2011 to Organise the Government.
Mindful of decree n° 2011/410 of December 9th , 201 1 to appoint members of Government.
Mindful of decree no 2012/366 of 6th August 2012 appointing the Director of Higher Technical Teacher Training College.
Mindful of decree no 2012/433 of 1St October, 2012 to organise the Ministry of Higher Education.
Mindful of order no 19/0054/MINESUP Concours/SG/DAUQ/SDEAC/SE of 27 February 2019 fixing the calendar of the competitive entrance examination into Schools and Faculties of State Universities for the 2019-2020 academic year.


Article 1:

A Competitive Entrance Examination into Third Year of the First Cycle of the Higher Technical Teacher Training College (H.T.T.T.C.), University of Bamenda, (HTTTC ENSET Bambili Bamenda Concours) for the 2019-2020 academic year has been launched.

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