Concours HTTTC ENSET Kumba Entrance 2016-2017: Year One 1st Cycle University of Buea MINESUP

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  • 24 Responses

    1. FOFIE says:


    2. Kongver Jude Lola says:

      When are the authorities releasing the results of enset kumba?

    3. Sama Benzet says:

      pls i wish to ask if any orals is recommended in this exams

    4. Fai Marcel says:

      svp,comment faire inscription en ligne de l’enset de Kumba?jai besoin du site.merci

    5. Menkemtangu clodine says:

      Pls how can I get a communiqué of the enset kumba first cycle, and also to apply for the entrance exam?

    6. Robert Bright says:

      how can I get the communique of ENSET Kumba first circle, and also to apply for the entrance exam

    7. sarah enanga says:

      please I wish to asked if management is also included in the second cycle concour launched at enest kumba 2016

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